Cabinetry 101

Types of Cabinets, Doors and Drawers

Cabinets are important whether it’ll be for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling. But with many options available, you’d be overwhelmed in choosing, which one is your best choice. That said, do you know where to begin in picking the right cabinetry for your home?

That brings you back from getting a basic understanding of cabinets, like knowing their types, designs, and materials. When you understand these things, it’ll be easier for you to select the right cabinets for your kitchen and bath.

Types of Cabinets

There are different kinds of cabinets out there, yet as you carefully observe them, your options boil down to three – stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets. Let’s discuss them all here for you to understand their value.

Base Cabinets

Select a base cabinet that’s sturdy and beautiful to support your stone countertops. Whether it’s for your kitchen or bathroom, base cabinets are an integral element of your home. When it’s time for you to pick a base cabinet for your home, you can refer to this guide to choose them like a pro.

Wall Cabinets

This is also referred to as wall-mount or upper cabinets. This type adds style and function to your kitchen and bath. When you’re ready to install one, read this guide to get started.

Tall Cabinets

These are also called “pantry cabinets” or the “high achievers” in the kitchen. When you want an effective storage solution, you can have tall cabinets installed in your home.

Cabinet Doors

When it comes to the beauty of your cabinets, it’ll be your cabinet door profile that matters. They make a huge impression on your kitchen remodel. If you’re ready to choose the right cabinet door style, go through this guide for quick assistance:

Picking the right door profile for your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors is necessary for the overall beauty of your home. Let’s walk through the essential things for this matter.

Cabinet Drawers

This feature improves the accessibility of your cabinets. When planning to have drawers on your kitchen cabinets, here are important things you need to know.

There are different styles of cabinet drawers, and it makes a huge impact on the overall function and beauty of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Commonly Used Cabinetry Terms

When it comes to finding the right cabinets for your home, it’s necessary that you’re familiar with the technical terms used in the industry. That way, you have solid product knowledge, and this will guide you in picking the right cabinets.

  • Stile: They are the vertical frames you see on the cabinet door face.
  • Reveal: It refers to the distance between the exterior edge of the cabinet frame and the exterior edge of the cabinet door.
  • Center Stile: Also called mullion and refers to the elevated rail located at the middle of your cabinet door.
  • Center Panel: It’s the panel located in the middle of the cabinet door face. It can either be depressed/recessed or raised.
  • Edge Style: Refers to the edge profile of your cabinet doors. It can be squared or round, yet you can have that customized by your contractor.


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