Cabinet Doors

When it comes to the beauty of your cabinets, it’ll be your cabinet door profile that matters. They make a huge impression on your kitchen remodel. If you’re ready to choose the right cabinet door style, go through this guide for quick assistance:

Picking the right door profile for your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors is necessary for the overall beauty of your home. Let’s walk through the essential things for this matter.

What are the types of center panels?

Raised center panels

The center panel of your cabinet door is elevated for this one. The contoured edges emphasized the raised center panel of your cabinet door.

Recessed center panels

The four edges of your cabinet door are higher than the center panel. The center panel is depressed or flattened.

What are the types of overlay cabinet doors?

Full Overlay

The entire cabinet door profile is covered for this one. It gives a seamless and more solid appearance to your cabinet doors.

Partial Overlay

Small portions of the cabinet doors can still be seen or are not covered. They give your cabinet doors a traditional look.

What are inset cabinet doors?

These are set into the door frame and made seamless with the cabinet door profile. It gives your cabinet face a clean look. For this style, you have the option to either conceal the hinges or not.

Non-Beaded or Beaded Inset Cabinet Doors

When you want the fine craftsmanship of your cabinets to be more visible, a beaded cabinet door style is an excellent choice.

What are the various types of cabinet doors?

  • Beadboard: It is known for its wood panels and vertical grooves.
  • Slab-style: A flat paneled door that’s perfect for a modern kitchen and bath.
  • Shaker-style: Characterized by their recessed panels giving a homey vibe to your cabinets.
  • Cathedral: It has a medieval arch with raised center panel.
  • Arch cabinet doors: It has a half-oval shape on top of the cabinet door face. It has an elevated center panel.


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