Marble Countertops

Purchasing Marble Countertops for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Marble is oftentimes associated with elegance, and for good reason. It looks beautiful and performs well for many years. Especially when you seal and take great care of it. While marble stone is a wonderful addition to homes, it’s important to point out the cost factor.

While it’s on the expensive side, the investment it brings to your home is well-worth it. It can help increase your property value and eliminate the need to replace your counters in the near future. Marble can last for many years with the right care. The key is to purchase from a supplier that obtains stones from reputable manufacturers.

Now, if you’re looking to add marble to your home, continue reading for ideas.

Different Ways to Use Marble in Your Home

Marble stone can be used in different parts of your home. For one, the kitchen is the most popular place to put these slabs. Your countertops should look amazing, but if they don’t, it may be time for an upgrade.

You will find marble being used for countertops inside of kitchens, but are preferred for bathrooms. Marble is known for being water-resistant, which makes it ideal for the bathroom setting. The look of the marble also makes it a top pick for these areas.

Another way to use marble is for the bathtub. This was frequently done back in the ancient times when royalty used marble for tub creations. However, you can do the same for the shower area. The walls and flooring can be made with marble stone.

Fireplaces are still found in homes throughout the nation. In Illinois, homeowners are using marble stone as the surround for their fireplace. It’s a great way to spruce up the fireplace mantle. Some people even go as far as to use marble for their toilet, railing or fountains.

If it’s not enough to use marble for counters and floors, some folks opt to use it for their stairs.

Why Should You Buy Marble Countertops?

Marble is a gorgeous natural stone that many homeowners purchase for their properties. When you’re looking for prestige without the hefty price, then this is the route to go.

For one, there are a multitude of color options to select from. This means you can find the perfect marble stone to match the décor of your home. Some of the color options include black spectrums, white, green, yellow and gray.

Since the stone is natural, you’ll never have to worry about your counters being duplicated. The slabs you purchase will be different in the pattern of veins.

It’s also important to note that marble is capable of dealing with high temperatures from pots, pans and curling irons. This is great news if you’re looking to add marble to your bathroom.

Maintenance Time: How to Care for Your Marble Counters

So you’ve decided to purchase marble tone for your property. But how do you care for it? Understanding the dos and don’ts of cleaning marble counters is essential for keeping it in good condition for many years.

For starters, you need to learn how to keep it clean. Try to keep away acidic fluids from the surface, such as lemon juice, tomato sauce and alcohol. Acids are known to cause etching on the surface, so don’t take this lightly.

The acids can eat away at the calcium carbonate inside the stone, causing markings to look dull. The placement of the stone and how light hits it will determine how easy it is to see the etchings.

Make sure you’re using a mild cleaning solution that isn’t acidic. So keep vinegar, lemon juice and other acidic cleaners from the marble. This includes bleach. Instead, just use mild soap and warm water. It’s a good idea to wipe down the counters every night using warm sudsy water.

It’s also a good idea to have the marble sealed annually to improve the longevity of the marble slab. It will also help prevent staining from occurring. If you end up staining the counter with organic stains, such as food, fruit, coffee or tea, you’ll need to use a mix of 12 percent hydrogen peroxide and a few drips of ammonia.

Calcatta Marble vs Carrara Marble

It’s very common for folks to confuse calcatta marble and carrara marble. They have similar names, but the two stones are very different. They have a similar look, with white stone and gray veining.

However, carrara has a darker gray appearance and softer veins. Then calacatta, on the other hand, is whiter and has bolder veining.

Once you become familiar with the characteristics of carrara and calacatta, you’ll be able to spot the subtle differences between the two.

Carrara marble also happens to be on the cheaper side of the spectrum. This is why it’s more commonly sold. Each slab of marble is unique, but the calcatta slabs are much rarer than carrara slabs. So if you’re looking for uniqueness, then calacattta is the way to go.

The Differences Between Marble, Granite and Quartz

So what makes marble a better option than other stones like granite and quartz? Or are the others a better choice? Well, it all comes down to your own particular preferences.

The reason a lot of people opt for granite is because it is durable, solid and resists stains. It’s ideal for cooking meals and prepping foods. Cracks and scratches aren’t a worry with granite.

Quartz is an engineered stone, so it too is very durable and resistant to damage and stains. It’s made with 90 percent quartz and the rest a mix of resins, polymers and pigments. There are way more color options, since they can be customized to have the colors you desire.

Marble is the luxurious option still. It tends to be porous, but this can be fixed with a professional sealing. What’s great about marble slabs is the veining and design is unpredictable and unique. This ensures you have counters that are all your own, since no two slabs are the same.

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