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Showplace Cabinetry is focused on bringing convenience and lasting quality to any space in your home. Yet, with so much creative flexibility, we can still fit the most down-to-earth budgets.

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About Showplace Cabinetry

Since early 2000, Showplace has grown from a standing start into a major national brand. Thanks to customers who like our mix of quality, flexibility, and price, Showplace production has grown from 50 cabinets per day to having become one of the most widely chosen national brands today.

Why Choose Showplace?

When we created Showplace in 1999, we assembled a team of top cabinetry professionals and set out to do something you might appreciate: Manufacture and market a line of home cabinetry that makes sense. You’ll see that focus as you get to know our offerings and features. And you’ll appreciate that approach when you compare value. Crafted in South Dakota with an artisan’s pride, Showplace Cabinetry offers creative flexibility and lasting quality, and does it on down-to-earth budgets. Showplace is an employee-owned company, and we’re all personally invested in the products we create for your home.


Browse endless options to find anything you’re looking for—or something unexpected.


Discover the styles and finishes that appeal to you, from the comfort of home.


Add the finishing touches with moldings, carvings, and more.


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