Cabinet Drawers

This feature improves the accessibility of your cabinets. When planning to have drawers on your kitchen cabinets, here are important things you need to know.

There are different styles of cabinet drawers, and it makes a huge impact on the overall function and beauty of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

What are the kinds of cabinet drawer fronts available in the market?

So far, we have two main types – five-piece and slab-style drawer fronts. Let’s further discuss them below:

Five-piece drawer fronts

In here, we have four pieces that go for your four frames, and then the fifth part is the center panel. The center panel can either be raised or depressed.

Slab-style drawer fronts

This one is similar to the appearance of a full overlay. It gives a clean solid look on your drawer front.

What are the various types of drawer cabinets?

Corner drawers

These are drawers installed at the corners of your cabinetry. They help you maximize storage since corners are the ones less used.

Furniture drawers

Durable and elegant drawers on your furniture. Good for storing heavy and large items.

Dish drawers

These are for storing and organizing your clean dishes.

Warming drawers

This drawer is for warming your cold foods. It’s usually a part of your oven or microwave.

Utensil drawers

Drawers with dividers for storing all your kitchen utensils.

File drawers

Are Intended for keeping your documents and other important files of your office or work.


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