Base Cabinets

Select a base cabinet that’s sturdy and beautiful to support your stone countertops. Whether it’s for your kitchen or bathroom, base cabinets are an integral element of your home. When it’s time for you to pick a base cabinet for your home, you can refer to this guide to choose them like a pro.

What is a base cabinet?

This “heavy lifter” cabinet is your reliable support in carrying your stone countertops. They also provide huge storage for your kitchen and bath. When you want to maximize the storage of your base cabinets, you can go for customizations. We can customize them to have the right number of pull-out trays, dividers, and drawers to meet your storage requirements.

What are the different kinds of base cabinets available in the market?

Below are the famous types of base cabinets present in the industry.

Base Easy-Access Cabinets

This type is made with a middle shelf and small racks installed at the inside door for better accessibility. You can place your frequently used items for cooking or bath.

Base Pull Out Cabinets

With this type, you can easily pull out an open shelf with layers of racks storing all items you usually use in the kitchen.

Two Drawer Base Cabinets

You can easily find your essentials with a two drawer base cabinet. We can add dividers on each drawer so that you can compartmentalize the things you’re storing there.

Open Base Cabinets

This type has no doors and looks similar to open shelving. You can place your books, ceramics, and glasswares there for easy access.

Corner Cabinets

This base cabinet type helps you maximize your corners for storing items. We can incorporate a Lazy Susan on your corner cabinets for added features.

Super Cabinets

These are extravagant base cabinets with plenty of racks, pull out trays, and racks attached to the inside door.

What are the functions of base cabinets?

These cabinets offer a wide range of opportunities for your kitchen and bath. Here are the best functions of base cabinets:

Kitchen Island

You can use that as a base for your kitchen island. They are strong, elegant, and provide ample storage for you.

Window Seating

You can also use base cabinets as your seats near the window. That said, you have two functions there – storage and seating.

Trash recycling

The pull out trays of your base cabinets, you can place there your bins. That way, you can easily access and hide your trash bins in the kitchen.


The drawers of your base cabinets provide exceptional storage and accessibility convenience. You can store your pots, casseroles, and pans there. Other cooking utensils, you can also place there for easy access.

Bathroom Vanity

This provides the foundation of your bathroom countertops while offering storage and beauty to your bathroom.


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