Tall Cabinets

These are also called “pantry cabinets” or the “high achievers” in the kitchen. When you want an effective storage solution, you can have tall cabinets installed in your home.

Defining tall cabinets

These cabinets offer more storage than your regular wall-hung cabinets. They usually have a height of 96 inches.

What are the different kinds of tall cabinets?

Utility tall cabinets

This is where you’ll store your tools for carpentry and plumbing. The common tools you use for fixing minor or major damages inside your home.

Tall cabinets for ovens and microwaves

They offer a seamless storage of your ovens and microwaves while adding an elegant finesse to your kitchen.

Pantry Pull Out

This space-saving pantry pull out can be installed near the corner or pillar of your kitchen wall. You can have four to five shelves to store your food and ingredients there.

Super Pantry Cabinet

A tall cabinet that is a super achiever when it comes to storing your ingredients and condiments. Food storage will never be boring with your super pantry tall cabinet.

What are the uses of tall cabinets?

  • They help reduce the messiness of your mudroom. Tall cabinets help you keep things organized in your kitchen and bath.
  • They help make your kitchen and bath look taller and more spacious.
  • Tall cabinets are good for storing items necessary for your laundry tasks.


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