Wall Cabinets

This is also referred to as wall-mount or upper cabinets. This type adds style and function to your kitchen and bath. When you’re ready to install one, read this guide to get started.

What are wall-hung cabinets?

They are considered the “workhorses” in the kitchen since they give access and storage to the essential things you need while standing and cooking in the kitchen.

What are the different kinds of wall cabinets?

Below are the popular types of wall-mount cabinets for you to choose from:

Pull Down Spice Rack

Instead of reaching the back of your cabinet, with a pull down spice rack, it’s much easier. After opening the door, the spice rack automatically moves forward and displays all your spices and condiments.

Appliance Garage

This is like hidden storage for your kitchen appliances when they’re not in use. You can pull and slide up the door, and then place your microwave or toaster inside.

Easy-Access Wall-Hung Cabinets

This type has three shelves and a wire rack on the inside door for more storage. You can easily reach and grab your condiments and spices with this wall-hung cabinet.

Wall Cabinet with Lazy Susan

We can incorporate a Lazy Susan at the corner of your wall-mount cabinets.

Electric-driven Cabinet Door

This wall-hung cabinet has its doors electrically lifted up to open and closes down with a push of a button once you’re done. The vertical lift mechanism of this cabinet is efficient while adding convenience to your kitchen.

What are the functions of wall cabinets?

There are many benefits to having upper cabinets in your kitchen and bath. Below are the primary functions you’ll get from them:

Adds beauty

They add beauty to your bathroom when their color and finish match your walls and countertop.

Entertainment Center

Wall-hung cabinets are great additions to your entertainment center. It can both beautify and add storage to your living space.

Laundry Storage

You can install upper cabinets in your washing area to store all detergents, fab con, and products for laundry.

Storage for your Home Office

Wall cabinets are excellent for the home office. You can place your documents and office supplies there. For other office items you need, you can have open shelving mounted on the wall. 

Info Center on Wall Cabinets

You can also add a bulletin board or info center at the side of your wall cabinet. This is a good place to pin your reminders for bills and recipes.


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