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Located in the Elk Grove and Wheeling Townships of Cook County, the village of Mount Prospect is a suburb of Chicago, which is about 22 miles away Best known for its numerous schools and strong business environment despite its old world charm, its population of 54,951 as of 2014 is a vibrant mix of many cultures. While predominantly white, (65.8%), the population also includes a significant number of Hispanics (16.8%), and Asians (12.7%).

Mount Prospect was once the home of Native American before English and German settlers started to move in. However, it wasn’t until the railroad was built in the area in 1850 that business began to boom. Development was slow, but steady, and in 1917, the population in Mount Prospect reached 300, at which point it became incorporated. More and more people started settling in the area, and in the 1960s, it played host to Randhurst, the first ever air-conditioned shopping mall in the upper Midwest. The Kensington Business Center was built not long after that, where a number of major corporations did business.

The development of downtown Mt. Prospect continues to this day, doing a brisk business in retail and construction. Despite this modernization, it retains its small-world character true to its motto “where friendliness is a way of life.”

Statistically, Mt. Prospect has a total area of 10.37 square miles. The median household income as of 2015 is $71,533, slightly higher than the state median. The value of housing, however, is $307,128, considerably higher than the state median at $180,300.

Among the notable people associated with Mt. Prospect are actors Bruce Boxleitner and Jennifer Morrison, baseball players Dave Kingman, Tom Lundstedt, and Phil Masi, and American Idol Season 9 winner Lee DeWyze. Ian Brennan, who co-created the TV show Glee and Scream Queens, graduated from Prospect High School, which has an award-winning Fine & Performing Arts Department.

Things to Do Around Mt. Prospect

Randhurst Mall made waves when it was built in 1962, but it breathed its last in 2009 when it was demolished to make way for Randhurst Village. The new open-air shopping mall not only plays host to many major retailers and wholesalers, but also to many restaurants and offices. It also has a 12-screen cinema and hotel. There are also other shopping centers, if that’s your fancy. You have your choice of the Crystal Court, Golf Shopping Plaza, Colony Square, or the United Plaza.


However, if you feel like a breath of fresh air, you can always visit one of the parks that dot the village including Evergreen Trails Park, Fairview Park, Countryside Park, and Lions Park. You can also check the Mount Prospect Public Library to get some historical background on the village, or look in a few churches like Saint John’s Episcopal Church or Saint Paul Lutheran Church.
Of course, 2017 would have been the perfect time to visit Mt. Prospect, because it is celebrating its centennial year starting on February 3. Many of the events are already sold out, but you can be sure the atmosphere will be festive anywhere in the village.

More is better

The clients had recently moved into a compact 1,120 square foot townhouse with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a nice large patio to make up for the lack of a front yard. They had two elementary school-aged children, and had moved to Mount Prospect specifically for the schools. The price for the townhouse was very reasonable for the area, and it had been recently renovated, so it looked very nice. However, the clients wanted more cabinet space for the kitchen, and contacted us for advice and an estimate. We scheduled an ocular for the next day.


The number of cabinets in the kitchen was indeed inadequate, and they were in poor condition. They had obviously been repainted to hide the damage, but upon inspection, there were clear signs of water damage. We recommended replacing all the kitchen cabinets to avoid problems later on. We showed them different styles of cabinets that would look very well with the existing kitchen colors. However, the clients could not make a choice because they were worried about the costs of buying and installing a whole set of new kitchen cabinets. We gave them a preliminary estimate using RTA J&K K10 Macha Maple Glazed cabinets, and it surprised them. Since it was within their budget, they decided to go for it.


We gave estimate to them to do precise measurements for the new kitchen cabinets and make a 3D rendering of the final layout. Kitchen was rather small, so it was important to maximize the storage space. The design called for upper cabinets up to the ceilings, which required molding. This could put the order over budget. Upon consultation, the clients were amenable to paying for the embellishments. Finalized the estimate, and presented it to the client. They agreed to it, and paid a deposit so we could order the cabinets. We would collect the balance upon delivery.
Actually able to get the cabinets at a lower price than expected. We happened to have two other clients that also chose J&K cabinetry for their projects at that time, so we were able to negotiate the price. Informed the clients that we could give them an additional discount, and they were delighted.


We ordered the cabinets and advised the clients it would take about one week for it to arrive. In the meantime, we provided the client with a list of reputable installers in Mount Prospect and advised them on the going rate for cabinet installations per square foot, The cabinets arrived on time, and we delivered the cabinets to the clients after inspecting it thoroughly. The installer they chose was scheduled to come in the next morning.

The clients were very grateful for our assistance, and happy with the quality of the cabinets. We invited them to call us if they encountered any problems.

Cabinets for every budget

At Cabinets City, our focus is on delivering quality cabinetry at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are up to 40% lower than big box stores, and that is not a gimmick. We go the extra mile to give our clients the best possible deal we can.

Are you in the horns of a dilemma over your own kitchen cabinet needs? We can help! Contact us for a free estimate and design consultation at NO OBLIGATION.


Bayram Gulsen is the owner of Cabinets City. He always had this passion to redefine cabinetry to be at its best along with his dedicated team and the author of Cabinets City blog: You can find Bayram on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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