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When it comes to choosing the best colors for your kitchen cabinets, you’re not limited to white and black kitchen cabinets ideas . You have unlimited palettes to choose for the best cabinet color that will stand out from your kitchen remodel.

But you have to be careful in picking the right one that will have a long lasting impact on your kitchen’s beauty. To help you out, Cabinets City has compiled the top 14 kitchen cabinet colors for 2022.

Lait Grey from Forevermark

This shaker style cabinet from Forevermark has a versatile finish and color that fits a traditional or modern home. You can pair this with satin finish hardware to have a contemporary touch.

The flexibility of grey with any home decor makes it ideal for homeowners wanting to preserve the existing design of their homes.

Our professionals can help you install or customize this cabinet to fit your kitchen and bathroom. We can also help you choose the right fixtures to pair this with inside your kitchen in a very affordable kitchen remodel cost .

S8 White Contemporary Cabinet from J&K Cabinetry

This shaker white cabinet from J&K Cabinetry is your all-time choice for contemporary homes. It has a smooth wooden texture while its light tone perfectly suits your modern kitchen theme. You can have chrome finish hardware to match this cabinet, and it’ll perfectly invite that modern living into your kitchen.

We can also install a white quartz kitchen island for your white cabinets. It can also seamlessly blend with your hardwood flooring to strike balance with its cool theme.

Hazel Cabinets from J&K Cabinetry

This hazel cabinets is your perfect choice for your transitional kitchen remodel ideas. It can blend well with modern and traditional amenities inside your home. As you stare into its door profile, you’ll feel its light warmth complementing to your wooden floor.

It can also work well with metallic surfaces and modern accents inside your kitchen. Having this cabinet for your transitional kitchen theme is your best choice. Your farmhouse sink and modern faucets can marry well with this hazel cabinets.

Bark Classic Cabinets from Mantra Cabinets

This Bark Classic cabinet has the true beauty of a shaker with partial overlay. This marries well with white countertops and stainless steel surfaces. Your modern touchless faucet will effortlessly pop out from the classic vibe of this mantra cabinet.

Jarret Shaker Cabinet from Schrock Cabinets

This cabinet is perfect for those with a meticulous taste for shaker style cabinets. It has a full overlay with a flat panel and wide rails for simple yet elegant looks. It’s made from maple wood with a coconut finish and color. Overall, this blends well with your white stone countertops and hardwood floor.

Lawrence Arctic White from Wolf Classic Cabinets

When you want a welcoming feel for your kitchen cabinets, this one from Wolf Classic’s signature cabinets is your best option. Its arctic white color and smooth finish is perfect for contemporary or transitional kitchens. Sleek while having that versatile appearance is a trademark from Lawrence cabinet style.

Pepper Shaker from Forevermark

You’ll enjoy the sleek and simple looks of this Pepper Shaker style cabinet fro Forevermark. Its color scheme and finish is great for traditional and transitional homes. Looking into its color, you’d feel more drama than white cabinets. You can pair this with chrome finish items and hardware to give that industrial chic feel.

Allure Fusion Oyster Cabinets from Fabuwood

This gives a good twist to contemporary cabinets. Its oyster color and finish is perfect for a modern kitchen and bathroom. The wide rails and detailed construction of this cabinet style is fit for modern and traditional homes. Having a chrome or bronze finish hardware for this cabinet is also great since it can elevate its elegance.

Parkland from Wolf Classic Cabinets

Parkland has a distinctive white finish and color that’s excellent for your modern kitchen and bathroom. Its wide rails and detailed construction guarantees it can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. You can use homey accents as well to make a contrast with the white cabinet door profile of Parkland.

Chocolate on Maple from Schrock Cabinets

When you want attention drawn to your cabinets, this cabinet door style and color is your perfect choice. The chocolate color of this maple wood cabinet gives a relaxing warmth to your kitchen. This can blend well with your white or dark-colored quartz countertops colors.

Midtown Grey from Forevermark

The grey color and finish of this cabinet is perfect for achieving that simple and elegant style. You can see the detailed craftsmanship in its full extension drawers and doors. Midtown Grey works well for both modern and classic homes.

Allure Galaxy Indigo from Fabuwood

Fabuwood’s Galaxy line cabinets is one of their best-selling products. Their indigo colored cabinets is a new addition to their Allure Galaxy cabinet collection. It has that smooth finished with wide frames for a sturdier construction. When you want an interesting cabinet color for your kitchen and bath, this one can be your best choice.

Sahara on Maple from Schrock Cabinets

The Sahara on Maple cabinet color from Schrock is your answer if you want a trending style that would last for many years. Its mid-brown tone with soft wood patterns invites a cozy ambiance for your kitchen cabinets.

Carroll from Wolf Classic Cabinets

The refreshing color and finish of Carroll Cabinets can truly light up your kitchen and bath. It can blend well with both countryside and modern fixtures inside your home. Your farmhouse sink and cartridge faucet will be a perfect partner with this cabinet color. It can also balance the warmth of your hardwood flooring. 

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