14 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors with Long- Lasting Appeal


When it comes to choosing the best colors for your kitchen cabinets, you’re not limited to black and white. You have unlimited palettes to choose for the best cabinet color that will stand out from your kitchen remodel.

But you have to be careful in picking the right one that will have a long lasting impact on your kitchen’s beauty. To help you out, Cabinets City has compiled the top 14 kitchen cabinet colors for 2022.

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1. Yellow

📷 thespruce

Having a yellow kitchen cabinet is a good choice for letting your base cabinets pop out. Take a look at how this slab style yellow kitchen cabinets are making an enthusiastic impact on the kitchen.

The glossy finish also blends with the stainless steel finish of kitchen appliances. It also works well with the stainless steel countertops.

The chrome finish bar pulls of these yellow cabinets make it more modern with an industrial touch. The white open shelving on top creates a more spacious vibe for this modern kitchen remodel.

The subtle warmth of hardwood flooring also coordinates well with the yellow kitchen base cabinets.

2. Green/Yellow/Pinks Sage Green and White

📷 home-designing

Sage green kitchen cabinets is also a trending one for 2022. It gives you that earthy feeling for your modern kitchen remodel. To add a modern glam, the white cabinets on the kitchen island work perfectly. 

The white quartz on the kitchen island is a perfect combination to its white base cabinets. Look at how the gold finish cabinet hardware harmonizes with sage green and white cabinet colors. The combination gives the kitchen a gorgeous and expensive look.

The traditional rug laid on the floor gives texture and warmth. It blends well with the hardwood floor. It adds more ornate designs to your kitchen.

3. Wood & Glass

📷 pinterest

Don’t be afraid to use all wood for your wall-mount and base kitchen cabinets. It won’t look too rustic when you add glass cabinet doors and black quartz countertops.

The shiny transparent trait of glass gives a modern touch and glam to your rustic wooden cabinets. Black quartz countertops with a glossy finish perfectly works with your wood base cabinets. It balances the warmth and earthy vibe of your wood.

The large tiles for the flooring adds to the spacious element of the kitchen.

4. Cream & Gray

📷 houzz

Pairing neutral colors together would make a fancy outcome, just like this cream and gray kitchen remodel. The light gray kitchen cabinets easily pops out from the cream walls and ceilings.

It seems like a two tone kitchen remodel since we are only using cream and gray. The cream white quartz countertops elegantly blend with gray base cabinets. It looks more elegant and cleaner than before.

The cream wall-mount kitchen cabinets also give a seamless transition from top towards the countertop. This kitchen design is perfect for all seasons.

5. Dove & White

📷 amandakatherine

Are you a fan of all white for your kitchen? Choosing dove and white for your kitchen cabinet is your perfect choice! You get to enjoy an all white kitchen with some designs for a more in-depth appearance.

Having plain slab style white kitchen cabinets can be boring sometimes, right? This kitchen cabinet color is your best choice for this concern. You get a cleaner and seamless appearance on your kitchen cabinets.

Look at how the wooden bar stools add warmth to your white base cabinets. It also balances the coolness of white quartz countertops for this setup.

6. Green & White

📷 houseandhome

Who would have thought that green and white works well for your kitchen cabinets? We are talking about jade green cabinets paired with white countertops. The combination is amazing! It seems like a jewel inside your home. Very attractive and expensive to look at.

Slab style green base cabinets for your waterfall kitchen island is great! It entices natural beauty while white gives modernity to your kitchen.

7. Apple green

📷 myinteriordesign

Do you want a zen vibe to your kitchen remodel? You can go for apple green kitchen cabinets. Nothing’s wrong with that. In fact, it marries well with any wooden accessories and metallic finishes in your kitchen.

Apple green is cool to the eye. It also gives a natural earthy vibe to your kitchen redo. Look at how this apple green kitchen island blends with the metallic finishes of kitchen appliances. The metallic surface adds an industrial chic look to the kitchen island.

8. Turquoise

📷 decoracabinets

Another cabinet color that can add a historical touch to your modern kitchen is turquoise. It somehow gives you a throwback feel of the 90s. But it does marry well with white cabinets and hardwood flooring.

A chrome finish arch pull cabinet hardware is perfect for your turquoise cabinets. Butcher block for your kitchen countertop would also be great for this cabinet tone.

9. Indigo blue

📷 panellingcentre

Indigo blue kitchen cabinets are also trending for 2022. It is versatile to blend with wood tones and white stone countertops. A chrome finish bar pull fits well for an indigo blue cabinet.

The indigo blue palette gives a cool aura that balances the warmth of wood. It also goes along with the elegant contemporary touch of white marble countertops.

10. Sage green and Gray

📷 elledecor

Do you want a vintage look for your kitchen cabinets? Choosing sage green is one great option. It’s one of the go-to tones for achieving that 90s cabinet look. To still give a modern vibe to your kitchen, using gray walls and upper kitchen cabinets is the solution.

Having gray to pair with your sage green is a wonderful choice. Both are neutral but with different vibe. The outcome is a balanced feel of traditional and contemporary atmosphere in your kitchen.

11. Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets

📷 masterbrand

Neutral palettes are trending for contemporary kitchen remodel in 2022. Choosing light gray for your kitchen cabinets is an excellent choice in achieving your modern kitchen redo.

Light gray cabinets are a good match with glass front cabinetry and black quartz countertops. The latter gives more depth and drama to the cool ambiance of gray.

To save more floor space, you can construct your cabinets to fit into the wall or corner. Having crown moldings would also make it look taller and your kitchen more spacious. 

12. Warm Taupe Cabinet Paint Colors

📷 pinterest

Taupe is an exciting tone for your kitchen cabinets. The harmonious blend of gray and brown is amazing. It gives both warmth and a cool modern vibe.

Taupe cabinet color also fits well for metallic and stone finishes. You can have white or black kitchen countertops. Then choose light brown tiles for your backsplash.

Having light colored walls make your taupe upper cabinets stand out. 

 13. Rich Yellow Cabinet Colors

📷 thespruce

Getting a vibrant yellow cabinet for your kitchen is exciting! Yellow is a happy and energetic color, perfect for all seasons. You can pair that with white, gray, wood, and black to balance yellow’s brilliance.

Yellow cabinetry also gives a homey feel. It pairs well with your wooden accessories and ornamental plants inside. Getting a farmhouse sink is also suitable for your yellow base cabinets.

Installing a dark colored kitchen countertop is also nice since it gives an amazing contrast with yellow.

14. Wood and White Kitchen Cabinets

📷 decoist

Going for a two tone kitchen color is smart. You have lesser things to think of, and pairing wood and white is great. Black and white, you are never limited to that. Wood tones mixed with white is awesome. The former gives warmth while the latter provides a cool clean look.

For your wooden cabinets, you can opt for light wood or dark hardwood materials. Oak or maple are two of the best options to have for kitchen cabinets. You can either have the wooden cabinets on top or as base cabinets. If you have dark wood for wall-mount, then it will be white for base cabinets.


Bayram Gulsen is the owner of Cabinets City. He always had this passion to redefine cabinetry to be at its best along with his dedicated team and the author of Cabinets City blog: You can find Bayram on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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