Trendy Kitchen Colors To Refresh Your Kitchen

Trendy Kitchen Colors To Refresh Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the colors we choose for this space can set the tone for the whole vibe. Get ready, color lovers, because we’re dishing out all the juicy details on the trendy kitchen colors that will freshen up your kitchen! Before you go to the nearest cabinet store, knowing the perfect kitchen colors will make things a lot easier for you.

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Deep Blues and Natural Wood Tones Take Center Stage

One color that’s been simmering on the backburner but is finally taking center stage is deep, inky navy blues. These rich, saturated tones of gray are having a major moment, adding sophistication and depth to:

Kitchen Cabinetry


Even appliances

“Navy has been slowly gaining popularity over the past few years as people gravitate towards calming, nature-inspired tones in the kitchen,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “The calming tones restful qualities of navy blues create an atmosphere perfect for meal preparation and gathering.”

The Natural Light, Earthy Vibe of Woods

Of course, not everyone is ready to take the plunge into such bold, moody territory. If you’d rather start with just a splash of color, accent walls in navy or deep blue hues can still add plenty of flair without overwhelming the whole space. Designers are loving the look of navy and dark blues on:

Kitchen islands

Provides the perfect opportunity to introduce a pop of vibrant color that anchors the space – imagine a modern kitchen with a stunning navy blue or emerald green island adding bold contrast against light cabinetry and walls.

Lower cabinets

Using a deeper, saturated paint shade on just the lower cabinets creates a gorgeous layered look full of visual interest while letting the uppers remain bright and airy. A deep charcoal or inky blue on the bottom cabinets feels equal parts dramatic and welcoming.

Contrasted with light woods or white uppers, it’s a fresh way to incorporate more color while keeping your kitchen feeling bright and airy.

Speaking of light woods, that natural, earthy room vibe isn’t going away anytime soon, folks! Warm wood tones continue to be a versatile hue in kitchen design styles, from sleek modern spaces to cozy farmhouse-inspired rooms. Vertical grain cabinetry and wide plank floors in:

Light Oak

With its natural woods, warm honey hues and beautiful grain patterns, light oak cabinetry or floors provide an airy, bright feeling that allows the natural beauty of the wood to be the star.

Maple Tones

Ranging from pale creamy whites to richer yellows and even hints of pink undertones, maple wood offers many different tones and a classic yet versatile vibe perfect for kitchens wanting a clean, timeless aesthetic with subtle warmth and character.

Make kitchens feel warm and welcoming.

“The natural warmth of wood creates such an inviting atmosphere,” said interior designer Runa Novak. “It harkens back to the natural world in a way that instantly feels grounding and calming.”

Nature-Inspired Greens Pair Beautifully with Woods

You can keep that organic, nature-inspired vibe going by pairing those warm wood cabinets or shelves with fresh green hues on the walls or throughout the kitchen. From soft sages and misty olives to deeper, forest-inspired greens, these earthy tones are having a major renaissance as we all crave more ways to bring the outdoors in.

Reliable Neutrals Remain Kitchen Staples

Of course, let’s not forget about the reliable neutral kitchen colors many shades that will always have a place in stylish homes. Warm beiges, greiges, taupes, and classic whites remain go-to hues, allowing those wood cabinets, floors, and countertops to truly shine.

“Layering different shades of warm neutrals creates gorgeous depth and dimension in a kitchen,” noted color expert Zakkiya Zabrisky. “Pairing creamy beige kitchen cabinets, with a slightly richer shade on the walls allows the wood tones and textures to be the true star of the show.”

Bright, Saturated Hues Add Energy and Cheer

So maybe you’re in the camp that thinks neutral kitchens play it just a little too safe. We feel you, bold soul! Brighter, more saturated hues are absolutely going to keep having their moment in the sun when it comes to kitchen color trends.

Shades of orange from:

Terra cotta

These deeper, more saturated canyon clay hues are absolutely smoldering. Earthy and rustic inky blues, the slightly muted orangey-red hue of terra cotta instantly evokes visions of sun-baked desert landscapes and charming Spanish-style villas.

Burnt orange

With its deep, smoldering intensity and subtle tones, burnt orange packs a serious punch – imagine a space that feels equal parts cozy and exotic, with this fiery yet grounded shade oozing warmth and bohemian vibes.


Not quite as vibrant as a true orange but richer than your typical red, rusty burnt orange tones have a gorgeous weathered patina that adds instant textural depth and vintage-inspired character.

Are amazing for adding an earthy, boho vibe. Oranges pair beautifully with those warm wood tones and natural stone countertops that have been so popular. They also provide a gorgeous pop of yellow contrast against white or light cabinetry.

If bright oranges feel a little too fiery for your taste, you can get a similar sunny, warm colors cheerful effect by looking to shades of yellow instead. Soft, buttery lemon hues on kitchen walls or tile provide beautiful warmth and cheer without being overpowering. For a bit more punch and sophistication, try richer golden or mustard tones as an accent color.

Using Bold Shades as Accent Colors

Of course, for some homes, color in white kitchen is best left as an accent rather than the main event. Calming, light-filled white kitchens will absolutely remain a popular choice. But even in those neutral spaces, more saturated and moody accent shades like emerald green or dramatic charcoal help add depth and interest.

“Not everyone is ready to fully commit to a bold shade like emerald green on all their kitchen cabinetry,” said Wadden. “But using it as an accent on an island, range hood, or even the ceiling can create a beautiful punch of color that keeps the space from feeling too sterile or flat.”

Rich Plums and Purples

Let’s talk about a color trend that’s just oozing with luxurious sophistication, my friends. We’re seeing rich, luscious plums and deep, moody shades of purple making their way into kitchens everywhere. And let me tell you, it is such a vibe! These jewel-toned hues instantly elevate any kitchen space, lending an air of elegance you just can’t get from boring beiges or ordinary grays.

Can you picture it? Gorgeous plum-colored cabinets topped with creamy quartz counters and warm brass hardware? Or maybe dramatic mulberry purple lower cabinets contrasted with crisp white uppers? It’s giving me major Old World opulence meets modern edginess. The best part is purple plays oh-so-nicely with all those natural wood accents that are still very much on-trend. Mix in some textural elements like rattan or woven leather and you’ve got a kitchen that’s equal parts cozy and insanely glam.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the kitchen color trends expected to trend are all about finding shades that make you happy and energized in that all-important gathering space. While neutrals and whites will always be popular, more and more homeowners are embracing rich, saturated tones that add coziness, cheerful vibes, or even a little bit of drama.

After all, it’s the heart of the home! Cooking, congregating, and creating memories deserve an inspiring backdrop, full of hues that nourish the soul.

So don’t be afraid to get a little saucy with your kitchen color choices in the days ahead. With so many gorgeous shade options, you’re sure to cook up a space that truly whets your color appetite! What shades are making your mouth water?

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Bayram Gulsen is the owner of Cabinets City. He always had this passion to redefine cabinetry to be at its best along with his dedicated team and the author of Cabinets City blog: You can find Bayram on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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