Cabinet Colors That Work Perfectly For Small Kitchens

Thinking about picking the perfectkitchen cabinet colors might have you feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the options out there. Don’t worry though, when you visit all the cabinet shops around and have seen all of the kitchen cabinet color ideasavailable, the right one will pop out to you and make you choose it.

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There is something to be said about a home with the right paint color for a modern kitchen cabinet idea that matches the owner’s personality and the overall design goals. Like a perfectly executed guitar chord, the best kitchen cabinet colors strike some nerve that resonates in those who experience it. 

For this piece, our design experts will go beyond the popular colors of kitchen cabinets and find a shade that will complete your space. Knowing these cabinet colors for the kitchen will inspire you to take the next step to have your dream home complete.

A Note On Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors

We wanted to start this post off by letting you know that sometimes looking past the colors that are trending right now can help you create a more personalized space. Doing your research, you will find the kitchen cabinet colors that everyone is talking about, but that doesn’t make them right for your home.

While you might find a shade that is in every other Instagram post, that doesn’t mean it will fit in your home with the size of your kitchen and the light you have available. Kitchen cabinet colors will look different based on the environment they are in.

For example, if you have a 100-square-foot space, you should look for small kitchen cabinet colors that look best for your situation. It’s critical to choose kitchen cabinet colors based on your individual personality and home. There’s a whole lot of small kitchen remodeling ideas using colors that actually work. 

Bright White with Navy and Leather

It can be scary to use dark kitchen cabinet colors in a small space sometimes, but with the right balancing of light colors, it can be an impressive look that will be remembered. Navy blue is a wonderful color for kitchens; combining it with a brown leathery shade can have a stunning effect.

The trick is to put these rich colors in a background of bright and shining white that helps to lighten up the atmosphere. For this option, you might just paint select cabinets or a kitchen island in navy blue, and the leather color can come from a natural wood or leathered stone countertop.

A subway tile backsplash is a great option with these luxurious colors that can help to bring in a balancing white. The textures from the tile grout also play well with this color scheme, giving you a lot of freedom to create a personalized space.

Olive Green, Cream White, and Wooden Accents For Kitchen Cabinet Colors

With these color combinations, your small kitchen will feel refreshed and ready for you to cook up some delicious meals. This color scheme has an earthy and even forest-like feeling that can make you feel more comfortable. Adding this up to your kitchen remodeling budget would be ideal. 

When you think about having an olive green kitchen, you might even get that Mediterranean vibe that can be enjoyed for years to come. Pair the green with the wooden accents, and you are sure to have a space that is conducive to feeling like you are living well.

Many people wonder how they can bring a darker color into a small kitchen successfully, and the best thing is to balance it with an appropriate shade of white. The creamy white in this small kitchen cabinet color helps to have a richness, but also a brightness that isn’t too overwhelming. 

Yellow Accents with Robins Egg and Fresh White

The key to mastering this kitchen cabinet color combo is to use the yellow very sparingly, so that it sort of pops out of the space. A great option is to have most of the cabinets with a white base, then with some robins egg blue in different areas too.

Then, choose a corner cabinet door to paint with a brilliant sunny yellow. This has a fun and playful effect on the kitchen and will make you feel like smiling. Simply check the top bathroom remodeling trends using yellow accents and you’ll love it!

This should be a mostly white kitchen, but adding in some splashes of color helps you ensure your small kitchen doesn’t feel boring. Use some smooth but interesting colors like Robins egg blue and sunny yellow, and you are certain to have one of the most spectacular small kitchens around. 

Different Shades Of White With Wood

White is certainly a heavy hitter when designing a small kitchen, so you might want to use several shades that can bring the space to life. There are several options for shades of white, and you should have no problem finding the perfect combinations.

You can add more gray tones to your white for a more elegant look, or you can add browns for more warmth. Then, when you pair the whites with some accents in wood, everything ends up feeling more open and freeing.

You could opt for a wooden kitchen countertop, or wooden kitchen island, or even keep one or two cabinet doors as natural wood. These colors help your space feel a bit more relaxed than an all white kitchen.

Stainless Steel and Scarlet Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Scarlet is certainly a striking tone and can work well in a small kitchen with the right backdrop and accents. We love seeing stainless steel appliances in a kitchen with scarlet cabinets because these colors can be sharp, but they still let you feel comfortable.

Going further, using a backdrop of mostly light gray helps to envelop a small kitchen in this bold but enjoyable atmosphere. All these kitchen cabinet colors come together to create a lively space that feels larger than it really is.

You can imagine the interesting conversations and appetites that can arise from being in a scarlet and stainless steel kitchen. This is one of the best ways to make your kitchen the center of attention and your home more memorable.

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