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The village of Palatine can be found in Cook County in Illinois. A residential suburb of Chicago on its northwestern side, it is 7th largest community in Cook County. And 18th in Illinois with its 2014 population of 69,387. It has a good racial mix, with 62.5% white, 19% Hispanic, 14.2% Asian, and 2,6% African American. Palatine covers a total area of 13.763 square miles with several streams that converge in Salt Creek, and on a map looks like an axe head. The median household income in Palatine as of 2016 is $75,997, significantly more that the state median of $59,588.

Popular belief is that the first white settler in Palatine was George Ela, who was among the first wave of people who migrated to Illinois after the Black Hawk War. He built his cabin in present day Deer Grove, and the Ela Road on the west part of Palatine is after his name.
The official founding of the village was in 1866, and it was the blueprint of surveroy Joel Wood around the Chicago and North Western Railway station. Wood is the village’s founder and one of the downtown streets’ names was after him.

After World War II, Palanois Park was built, the first of the suburb-style subdivisions built in Palatine, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that the village experienced rapid growth as more and more Chicago residents spilled over to the surrounding areas.

A few of the interesting glitches in the village’s history include suing in the 1990s by Rob Sherman. He is an atheist activist who objects to the use of the Christian cross in its seal and flag, and the village lost. Palatine has yet to design a replacement seal and flag, the largest city in Illinois without one. Another one is the Brown’s Chicken Massacre in 1993, where 7 employees of the restaurant lost their lives to two robbers. The perpetrators remained at large until 2002, when the girlfriend of Juan Luna implicated him. DNA testing proved a match, and he was found guilty in the 2007 trial. His partner, James Degorski, was found guilty in 2009. In 2008, Palatine applied for secession from Cook County when the county increased the sales tax. Palatine residents overwhelmingly supported this move in a 2009 referendum.

Among the notable notables in Palatine include cinematographer Mauro Fiore, actors John Gegenhuber, Christina Moore and Vicki Gunvalson, and most members of the metal band Born of Osiris. Radio personality Larry Lujack lived in the village during his stint as a WLS host, and journalist Carol Marin attended high school in Palatine. Some of the sports figures associated with the village include US National Team midfielder Michael Bradley, linebacker Jim Schawartz, pro baseball player Todd Hundley, and arena football player David Saunders. Authors Frederick Pohl and Timothy Huskey also called Palatine home at some point.

Things to do in Palatine

The Palatine Park District is quite extensive, elects five park commissioners, and serves many surrounding communities. It operates swimming pools recreational centers, and the Falcon and Birchwood parks, among many other amenities.

If the park is not your scene, head on over to downtown Palatine for a satisfying shopping and dining. In the summer, you will enjoy the Streetfest, held annually in August, which is their version of the Taste of Chicago event, complete with music and games. You should also make the point of celebrating the Fourth of July in Palatine, which is a tradition in the village that they celebrate with a carnival air.

Ugly cabinets go bye-bye

The client is an avid golf enthusiast who acquired a one-bedroom condo near the golf course. The building was up in 1972, but the previous owner’s improvements the unit the year before. And the client was very happy with the improvements. The exception were the kitchen cabinets, which were painted an ugly olive green color and had ornate handles oddly set in the center panel. The client said the cabinets made him feel bilious, and wanted them replaced.

He considers repainting it, but came up withe a decision that he didn’t like the door style either. He wanted new cabinets and also drawers that were sleek with simple handles. For this reason we suggested white RTA flat panel cabinets and drawers with long stainless steel pull bars that would go well with the granite countertops and the white kitchen appliances. Also we showed him the design using our visualizer, and he liked the idea very much. We were able to deliver the cabinets within three weeks.

Post delivery

We made our standard after sales call to the client a month later. But found out that the installers had discovered the kitchen walls were not perfectly straight. It was actually so bad that the fastest solution was to replace the dry wall rather than attempt to shim and scribe the cabinets. It would have made too much of an issue with reinstalling the countertops as well. However, the installers were able to do a professional job and the client was very happy with the results. He said he enjoyed spending time in the kitchen now. And also appreciated our advice on the type of cabinets that would go well with his kitchen.

Timely advice

We at Cabinets City ensure that we listen to the concerns of the client in selecting the right cabinets. It is often the case that the client simply knows what they don’t want. As we carry a huge variety of cabinet styles and designs, it can get overwhelming for a client. It’s our job to narrow their choices by suggesting to them that would best suit their circumstances and personal preferences.

We pride ourselves in giving our customers in Illinois 100% satisfaction for all the products we carry and deliver. If you have a problem with your cabinets and want them replaced, why not give us a call?




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