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Cabinets City supplies all types of high end kitchen cabinets for all purposes that merges function and design beautifully. With our professional and expert designers we offer you quality work at all times.

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We are the best kitchen cabinetry company in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. We envision customers that are thoroughly happy and satisfied with their cabinets. And who would be more than happy to engage us again and refer us to their family and friends.

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Kitchen Cabinets in Hoffman Estates IL

The cabinets in your kitchen should offer plenty of storage for all of your cooking items. If they don’t, then it may be time for an upgrade. You can easily do this by installing a cabinet set with more cabinets. Or you can opt for larger units.

Either way, it’ll help de-clutter your kitchen and make it easier to keep organized and clean. It’ll also make it easier to show off your new stone countertops from Cabinets City.

By updating the cabinets in your kitchen, you can also help improve the value of your home. Then if you decide to sell your property one day, then it’ll make it more desirable to home buyers.

Granite Countertops in Hoffman Estates IL

What type of countertops do you have in your kitchen and bathrooms? If it’s not stone, then it’s not right! Granite is the go-to choice for many homeowners because of its unsurpassed natural beauty. When you install a granite slab into your home, you’re getting a unique piece of nature.

You won’t find any two slabs that look the same, not even in your own kitchen! This appeals to a lot of homeowners who desire a unique design. You can find granite in a variety of color options. The specks and veins also come in an array of designs and colors.

Granite does require regular sealing but will help your countertop last for many decades. When properly sealed, granite isn’t easily scratched, stained, or burned. Also, granite is oftentimes preferred for the kitchen because it can better withstand the acidic substances found there.

It doesn’t do as well in the bathroom as quartz, unless you keep alkaline substances and cleaners away from it.

Quartz Countertops in Hoffman Estates IL

Here’s another popular choice used in kitchens and bathrooms. Quartz countertops are the engineered version of popular stones like granite and marble. What makes this sought-after is the fact it lasts a very long time and doesn’t require any sealing.

This is because it’s engineered with resin, which acts like a sealant. You can also find quartz stone in a wider array of colors, which are created and added by man. This gives you more control over the look and style of your kitchen or bathroom.

Quartz is a great option for both settings, so it’s definitely worth checking out in our local showroom.

Bathroom Vanities in Hoffman Estates IL

It’s important not to ignore the vanities in your bathroom when updating your home. Elk Grove Village residents can find plenty of high-quality cabinets and vanities at Cabinets City. You can update your restrooms with more cabinets to make it easier to store your bathroom toiletries.

And you can do this all the while upgrading the style of your bathrooms. In doing so, you can enhance the look and comfort, as well as the value of your property.

Home buyers are always looking for home with beautiful bathrooms. So this would make it a hot topic in your neighborhood were you to put it on the market!

Hoffman Estates is a suburb of Chicago, and is a village mainly in Cook County. Although a small part encroaches on Kane County. A year after the Northwest Tollway opened. This make it a favored are for commuters from Chicago.  The village started adding to its land area, annexing lands north of the tollway. 3,2,000 acres of what is now the Paul Douglas Forest Preserve, Westbury, and Winston Knolls. The total area of Hoffman Estates is currently 20.98 square miles.

Hoffman Estates became a major business hub coincidentally with the opening of the Woodfield Mall in 1971. Two decades later, the 780-acre Prairie Stone Business Park began construction in 1993. Among the first companies to call the multi-purpose business park home includes Sears, Roebuck and Company, Indramat, and Quest International. Ongoing development of the park resulted in the addition of a health & wellness center, the Sears Centre arena, a Marriott Hotel, and the Poplar Creek Crossing Retail Center. Hoffman Estates currently plays host to the headquarters of Sears and Mori Seiki, and AT&T for its Midwest operations.

The population of Hoffman Estates as of 2014 was 52,347, 56.6% of which is white, 22.7% Asian, 14.10% Hispanic, and 4.8% African American. Median household income is $87,032, compared to the state median of $59,588. Famous residents born in Hoffman Estates include actors Ashley Cornett and Reilly Tangen.


Things to Do Around Clifton

Sports fans may be glad to know that the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates is the home of Indoor Football League team Chicago Slaughter, the NBA Development League team Windy City Bulls, and the Major Arena Soccer League team Chicago Mustangs.
Kids enjoy going to the Red Baron Rides Amusement Park or the Seascape Aquatic Center while the adults take in a round or two of golf at the Hilldale Golf Club or the Bridges of Poplar Creek Golf Course. You can also indulge your taste for indoor sports activities at the Willow Recreation Center or the Triphahn Community Center and Ice Arena.

New build, new cabinets

The client acquired a 0.43 acre lot in a fully developed subdivision a year ago. Proceeded to build a colonial style single-family home in three levels with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The first floor was a spacious open-floor layout with vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors. It had a huge gourmet kitchen with center island and was set at the back of the home. The client called us in for a quote for cabinets and drawers. We visited the home for an ocular.


The client had very precise requirements for his cabinetry. He produced a design layout for what he needed, and it was just a question of choosing door style, wood, and finish. After browsing through the many options we carried, he selected the Fabuwood Shaker style cabinets in birch with a natural finish. It was a full overlay door with reversed panel with soft-close hidden hinges.While the drawer had slab drawer fronts and dovetail box construction with adjustable shelves. The color and style was an excellent choice, complementing black granite countertops and transitioning to the light hardwood floors. However, his requirements meant custom cabinets, which would take longer to deliver. We advised the client that custom cabinets would take six to eight weeks for delivery. The client had no problems with this as the build was still ongoing in other parts of the home. Would take another two months to complete.


The challenge with this project was the precise measurements. We needed for all the appliance accommodations, the kitchen island drawers, and mini-pantry on either side of the refrigerator. We brought in the staff designer to make sketches of the required components. Taking note of each measurement to ensure no errors in construction would result based on our measurements. Two people took each measurement independently and compared notes, just to make sure there were no mistakes. Any discrepancy in the two sets of measurements immediately rechecked.

Installation issues

Because Fabuwood has a 5-year limited warranty on their custom cabinets provided it installed improperly, we advised the client to hire a reputable professional to install the cabinets to avoid voiding the warranty. Custom cabinets tend to be tricky, and should only be installed by a skilled professional. He assured us that his contractor experienced cabinet installers on the payroll, and with that we had to be content.


As expected, the cabinets  delivered a full 8 weeks after ordered, and it was literally the last things (barring the appliances)  brought into the spanking brand new house. Fabuwood’s custom cabinets are imported so we were especially careful in inspecting each piece prior to delivering them to the client to make sure there was no damage sustained in the shipping. Everything seemed fine, and we sent them off with crossed fingers. We still worried about the installation.

Post installation

We called the client a week later to get his feedback, and he expressed satisfaction in the quality of the cabinets we supplied. Asked about any difficulties with the installation, The installer adjusted the hinges and stops properly. The cabinets and drawers all had soft-close Blumotion mechanisms that would have to be adjusted after installation. The client assured us that everything was working perfectly. We could now breathe a sigh of heartfelt relief.

Excellent after sales service

Cabinets City is a supplier of high-quality and affordable cabinets and drawers. We have no worries about the construction and material of our cabinets, but since we do not do installations, it is always a source of concern for us. Point of advising clients to have professional installers to do the work, and follow up on the results to see if we can be of any assistance. We believe that the attention we give to our clients does not stop at delivery and payment. The test of a quality supplier is in the after sales service.

Contact Cabinets City for all your cabinet and drawer needs. We will take care of you.

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We understand that your budget impacts the extent and quality of renovating your kitchen in Hoffman Estates IL. To help you prepare the right budget, we are offering a free estimate service. Call or email us to avail and we will give you a response a soon as possible.
The average cost of new cabinets depends on the type and material used. So far, the midrange price of new kitchen cabinets is $4,000 to $13,000. Call us to request a free quote on remodeling your kitchen cabinets in Hoffman Estates IL.
Then you need to reach out to us! Cabinets City is renowned for its quality products. This includes an incredible line of quartz and granite countertops and cabinetry. We partner with leading brands in the industry to ensure our customers get nothing but the best. Plus, our rates are unbeatable. If you’re looking to update the cabinets and counters in your home in Hoffman Estates IL, then contact us today!



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