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There are more different types of kitchen cabinets than you might imagine, and choosing the right one for your next kitchen remodel can give you headaches. To make this easier for most homeowners, here is a rundown of the most popular cabinet styles. Why should this matter? Cabinets are essentially a functional item. They provide storage where you need it most. However, when you are doing a kitchen remodel, you want to make sure the cabinets look great for your chosen design and layout. They are front and center, and occupy quite a bit of real estate in your kitchen. Since they are highly visible, the style of your cabinet doors defines your kitchen whether you want them to or not. Unless you have just open shelves in your kitchen, choosing the cabinet door style is one of the biggest decisions you will make.

Let’s get to it, then.


Glass cabinets tend to cost more than most other cabinet door styles because of the glass insets that have to fit just right in the frames. However, it is a great style for cabinet doors, especially if you have a small kitchen. Glass, even if it is frosted, gives additional depth and the illusion of a larger space. Clear glass doors are also a good choice for displaying your prized plate or glassware collection without exposing it to dust.

The downside to this is you need to keep this type of cabinets clean and orderly all the time. Anyone can see any dust or mess in there. Of course, you can always to choose just certain cabinets to have a glass inset, and keep the rest behind closed doors, so to speak. In most cases, glass door cabinets look best in the upper cabinets. You can choose clear, frosted, or other patterns for your glass doors, depending on your overall kitchen design.


Louvered cabinet doors are also a popular choice for small kitchens. The horizontal lines of the slats give the illusion of width and space, and they look sophisticated to boot. Aside from esthetics, louvered cabinets allow air to flow, which you will not find with any other cabinet door type. It is an excellent place for your dishes and cutlery, or for your foodstuff.
It is a bit more expensive than a plain-fronted cabinet door, and a little harder to keep clean. However, if you have the budget for it, and a regular dusting regiment, it is a good choice.


The most common type of cabinet door is the Shaker cabinets, which takes its inspiration from the Shaker furniture style. It is quite plain, almost minimalist, and elegantly simple. The Shaker style is imminently functional and practical, which is important for most kitchens. You have probably seen it quite a few times, and maybe even have them in your kitchen. Shaker style cabinets have four long and narrow panels of flat wood arranged to form a frame for the fifth larger one in the center. They come in all species of wood used for cabinets as well as many different colors and stains. Its simplicity makes it versatile, and timeless, making it a great investment for any kitchen-remodeling project.


As the name suggests, flat cabinets have single flat panels. It may not sound very exciting, but flat cabinet doors can actually work very well for many contemporary and modern kitchens. The only real decoration you can put on it is in the hardware, and even that should be as simple as possible. The trend towards minimalism makes this even a necessity. Flat cabinets give streamlined, uncluttered look that is sleek and sophisticated. You can get flat cabinets in wood, but they are also available in laminates of any color you want. Laminates are less expensive than all wood cabinets, and it makes the cabinets more versatile, so it is an easy choice if you’re not a purist.


Beadboard cabinet doors suit more traditional or cottage type kitchens because of its rather old world style. It used to be thin strips of wood closely bound together by a frame of the same wood, and was the style of choice for many homes back in the day, but the difficulty in cleaning between the strips made it fall out of favor when styles that are more modern became popular. Today, beadboard style cabinets are a solid panel with curves to keep the look, and it is appropriate if you want a rustic look to your kitchen.


Inset cabinets are a technical choice, because it requires precise craftsmanship to make it work. These cabinet doors fit inside the frame of the cabinet instead of over it, so the measurements have to be exact. This preciseness also makes it more expensive than any other cabinet door style. You can choose different styles for your inset cabinets, from flat to beadboard, so it is not really about how it looks. In fact, inset cabinets require exposed hinges, as opposed to concealed ones for overset doors. If you want a seamless look, inset cabinets may not be right for you. On the other hand, it is a great way to save on space because the doors go into the frame. This may not seem like a lot of space, but it makes a difference when you have a tiny kitchen.

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