How Long Should Kitchen Cabinets Last Before You Replace Them?

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One of the most important fixtures in your home are your kitchen cabinets and they should last a long time. You may be wondering “how often should you replace kitchen cabinets?” and the truth is that kitchen cabinets should last many decades or longer.

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Of course, there are many variables about when to replace kitchen cabinets depending on the quality of their construction and how well they are maintained. There is also the fact that kitchen storage cabinets go out of style or a new homeowner might have different needs than whoever installed them.

For this blog post, our experts will explain everything about when and how to replace kitchen cabinets. This guide will tell you more than if you need to reface or replace kitchen cabinets and will dive deeper into the process of renewing your kitchen.

How Long Do The Average Kitchen Cabinets Last?

Just like bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets can see a lot of use over the years, but for the most part they are made to withstand many hands and many times opening and closing. That being said, only the finest made kitchen cabinet can last forever.

On the low end, kitchen cabinets should last at least ten years before they need to be replaced. At about that age, low quality cabinets will start to lose their ability to close and might look a little tattered. They still might be salvageable, but it might be cheaper to get new ones

For the next level, kitchen cabinets should last from 20 to 25 years with only a little bit of maintenance. Over those two decades of service, most kitchen cabinets will be well out of style and may not have the same owner who put them in, so it’s usually best to get new ones installed.

Can I Simply Replace My Kitchen Cabinets Doors?

Your kitchen cabinet doors are the most visible part and could be the only thing about your kitchen cabinets that you don’t like. If the cabinet boxes are in good shape, and the kitchen cabinets are providing enough storage, replacing the doors only could be an option.

While you might imagine that replacing only the cabinet doors is going to be a more affordable option, many people are surprised by how expensive it can be. It might take a lot of labor to replace the kitchen cabinet doors, and that adds up as opposed to having stock or semi-custom cabinets installed. Although, there are many kitchen cabinet door ideas you can take for this project, you just have to check which one works for you and your budget.

Replacing only the kitchen cabinet doors is a good option because you are reusing a lot of materials in the cabinet boxes. Doing a door replacement keeps the boxes out of landfills, and stops manufacturers from cutting down more trees or using more resources to make new cabinet boxes.

Reasons You Might Want To Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

There are many good reasons that you would want to replace your kitchen cabinets with a brand new set. If you have the budget for kitchen remodeling, then it’s the best chance for you to get new kitchen cabinets. The motivation for kitchen cabinet replacement is different for everyone, and you are the only one who can decide to get new cabinets into your kitchen.

Your Kitchen Cabinets Are The Wrong Size For Your Kitchen

Your kitchen cabinets could be either too big or too small for your kitchen, and that is a big reason why many people choose to replace them. Having the right size kitchen cabinets makes a huge impact on the look and utility of your kitchen.

If your kitchen cabinets are too small, you will struggle to stay organized and find a place for all the things you need in your kitchen. This can be frustrating and makes cooking less fun, which is not a good way to live your life.

When kitchen cabinets are too big they can block light from parts of the kitchen and they can look out of place. You might end up with more things than you need in your kitchen because you have the space, and that can make cooking confusing at times.

Your Kitchen Cabinets Are Broken Or Falling Apart

Most kitchen cabinets do wear out to a point where it could be too much work to get them working properly. Signs of worn out kitchen cabinets include:

  • Doors not closing all the way.
  • Hinges that make noise when opening and closing.
  • Holes or signs of rot in the doors or boxes.
  • Shelves falling apart or sagging under weight
  • Delamination of plywood or particle board falling apart.

If you have any of these signs of worn out kitchen cabinets, you are probably going to need to replace them. You can most likely identify all of the signs on your own, and you probably won’t need an expert to examine your kitchen cabinets. However, if remodeling is needed be, then it’s time to look for ideas to remodel your kitchen professionally. 

You Don’t Like The Style Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you purchased a home with kitchen cabinets you don’t like, or you installed cabinets in a different decade and feel times have changed, you should like the look of your kitchen cabinets. They can dominate your kitchen’s appearance, and not liking your cabinets can affect your mood negatively.

Being one of the most important parts of your kitchen design, it is critical that you like the look of your kitchen cabinets. You have to enjoy your time in your kitchen preparing food to nourish you and give you the energy you need to live your best life.

You don’t have to feel bad about changing out perfectly good kitchen cabinets. You can easily sell them to someone who likes them or even donate them to a charity who will find them a good home. The enjoyment of your own kitchen is too important to wait on replacing your kitchen cabinets. There are kitchen cabinet design ideas you can easily get your inspiration from. 

Should I Refinish My Kitchen Cabinets?

 Refinishing is a great option if you like the shape and style of your cabinets, but they just look a little old or worn out. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint or varnish can do for your kitchen cabinets.

Do be warned, refinishing kitchen cabinets is a dusty and tedious job that won’t be as easy as it seems. You might want to hire professionals to do the refinishing, or even opt to a whole kitchen renovation experience. 

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