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You will find amazing wonders when you update your dated kitchen cabinet doors. It gives a refreshing look and better functionality. Have you tried looking for stylish ideas for your kitchen cabinets this 2022? You’re in the right spot since we are featuring stunning ideas for your kitchen cabinet renovation. See them below and be mesmerized.You will find amazing wonders when you update your dated kitchen cabinet doors. It gives a refreshing look and better functionality. Have you tried looking for stylish ideas for your kitchen cabinets this 2022? You’re in the right spot since we are featuring stunning ideas for your kitchen cabinet renovation. See them below and be mesmerized.

Cabinet and Drawer Pulls

Oftentimes, updating minor things can do a lot. You can do the same thing for your old kitchen cabinets. You can update the cabinet hardware with some modern or industrial looking knobs or bar pulls. For this one, the half circle cabinet door knobs give a classic touch to the neutral tone of the cabinet door.

It gives subtle warmth for your white kitchen cabinets. You can choose to have either matte or glossy finish for this matter. See how updating the cabinet hardware makes a huge difference to the appearance of the cabinet door.

Bright Colors

If you’re tired of looking at your dark wood cabinetry, you can always try bright colors, like these slab style yellow kitchen cabinets. It gives an attractive modern appearance to your kitchen remodel. You can also opt for a glossy finish to make it more modern, and to help make your kitchen brighter.

Vibrant hues fit well with your chrome or stainless steel finish. You can mix and match industrial accessories with any bright palettes to achieve an industrial chic vibe. This idea is also great for small kitchens. It helps up the airy and spacious feeling of your compact U-shaped kitchen.

Weathered Wood

Do you have old wooden kitchen cabinets? Are you thinking of replacing all of them? Well, you better think again since having those weathered wooden cabinets is trending today! We can redesign them to become an adorable distressed cabinet for your kitchen remodel. By doing that, you can save more while having a newly renovated kitchen cabinet. We can also update the cabinet hardware to suit the design of your kitchen remodel and cabinet door profile.

Distressed wooden cabinet doors are an excellent match with other modern colors and accessories inside your kitchen. It blends well with your quartz or marble kitchen countertops.

Mid Century Mix and Match

Do you want a mid century look for your kitchen? You can go for it and add some vibrant colors to your kitchen cabinets. That way, you are putting some modern touch to your mid century kitchen remodel. Stainless steel mixed with butcher block gives a balanced industrial chic and warm to your kitchen redo.

Bar pulls for your white slab style kitchen cabinets is also an excellent choice. See how this cabinet style matches with the sink countertop and butcher block.

Sliding Barn Cabinet Doors

Installing a sliding barn cabinet door for your modern kitchen cabinets is great, why? It gives a countryside feel for all modern features inside your kitchen. The subtle warmth of your barn kitchen cabinet door balances all contemporary elements in your modern kitchen remodel.

See how the black metallic sliding rack matches with your wooden barn cabinet door. It blends well with your gray or beige kitchen island and countertops. If you want a twist inside your modern kitchen, then you can go for this one.

Corrugated Metal Cabinet Doors

Injecting an industrial feel to your kitchen is trending for 2022. That’s why these corrugated metal cabinet doors fit for this matter. This kitchen cabinet style can blend well with both modern and traditional elements inside your kitchen remodel.

See how gray, white, and light wood tones perfectly blend with the corrugated metal cabinet doors. It also works well with your other modern kitchen appliances. Corrugated metal works well with brass and silver finishes as well. You can also use wooden accessories or a butcher block countertop for this cabinet door style.

Hammered Copper Cabinet Doors

Want some antique touch to your cabinet doors? Consider having copper! It gives a similar warmth and historical feel to wooden kitchen cabinets. The glossy finish of copper attracts attention while lifting the value of your home.

You can also pair this with wooden kitchen countertops, or granite slab with coffee brown tone. Hardwood flooring also looks well for this kitchen cabinet door style.

Disguised Cabinets

You can also make your cabinet doors seem invisible by letting them fit into the wall. A wall recessed kitchen cabinet door is perfect for both large and compact kitchens. Look at how the cupboards were built into the wall like wood panels.

This gives you ample storage while freeing more floor space in your kitchen. It helps you achieve a seamless clean look in your kitchen cabinetry.

Chicken Wire Cabinet Doors

Besides the sliding barn cabinet door, you can also go for chicken wire cabinet door style. This is an affordable cabinet design for your farmhouse kitchen remodel. It gives you a countryside feeling in the middle of the city. This cabinet door style is perfect for your butcher block and distressed base cabinets.

Art Glass Cabinet Doors

Do you want something better than a glass front cabinet door? Why not install an art glass cabinet door? It gives you the freedom to choose the best glass art for your cabinet door style. You can go for traditional or modern glass designs that perfectly match your countertops and backsplash.

Glass cabinet doors blend well with dark colored countertops with wooden base cabinets. For the cabinet hardware, you can use chrome or brass finish top knobs or bar pulls. This compliments with the industrial chic looks of your edgy glass cabinet door style.

If you need more advice from design experts, you can contact us today! We give free design consultation for your kitchen cabinet remodeling. We use top brands of materials and hardware for your cabinet renovation. Let us know when is the best time that works for you to have a free consultation with our designers.

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Bayram Gulsen is the owner of Cabinets City. He always had this passion to redefine cabinetry to be at its best along with his dedicated team and the author of Cabinets City blog: You can find Bayram on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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