Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Have In Your Kitchen

There are many kitchen cabinet color ideas you can find in the market. However, a black kitchen cabinet set in your home can be a wonderful addition that shows your unique sense of style. Having a black cabinet kitchen can seem like a bold step, but with the right black cabinet kitchen ideas, you can create a beautiful space.

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When you’re coming up with your black kitchen cabinet design, you need to consider every element in your home to ensure it fits together. You also need to find a good cabinet showroom that offers different kinds of cabinets you can choose from. With the proper preparation, you can have so much more than a black kitchen storage cabinet.

To help you make the best possible choices for your home, our experts will share their ideas about black kitchen cabinet and knobs and pulls in this blog post. You can take these professional opinions into account for your future project’s success.

Repaint or Install New Black Kitchen Cabinets

You might be remodeling or you might be starting from scratch. And you are probably wondering if you can simply paint the old cabinets black to fit your design. 

There are a few criteria you kitchen cabinets should meet before you decide that repainting them is worth it. You can repaint your cabinets if they meet the requirements of your kitchen, including:

  • There is enough space inside for all of your kitchen items.
  • They are free of critical damage like holes, cracks and breaks.
  • The hardware is intact or replaceable.
  • They are not too ornately decorated, because that makes painting more difficult.
  • The proportion of kitchen cabinets to room size is appropriate.

Your cabinets should have good answers to all of these questions for them to be worth painting black. If not, it might be easier and more economical to buy new cabinets that come in black or can be easily paintable.

Gold Flecked Countertops With Black Kitchen Cabinets

A stone countertop is a great addition to your black cabinet kitchen. And if that stone comes with golden flecks, that is an even stronger design choice. There are many granite countertop color ideas for you to choose from. 

The warming glow of the golden flecks helps to give some slight balance to a kitchen with black cabinets. There are multiple types of stone with golden flecks to choose from, such as:

  • Quartz- this engineered stone looks like the real thing, but is made from crushed rock and resin. This makes it easier to maintain and could be sourced from local areas.
  • Marble- this is one of the most elegant materials you can choose for countertops. Marble is a wonderful choice to accompany black kitchen cabinets.
  • Granite- this is one of the harder natural stones that will stand up to years of use without problems.

You may choose different amounts of gold flecks for your desired look. The stone could be any color, but black or white stones are a popular choice with black kitchen cabinets.

Use Kitchen Windows To Your Advantage

If you have some kitchen windows to work with, you need to think about your black kitchen cabinet placement. You can maximize the way your cabinets allow light into the room and how that affects the colors.

You don’t want to crowd your windows with black kitchen cabinets. Keeping the boxes away from windows will let more light into your kitchen.

If you have the chance, you might want to add extra windows or create bigger windows in your kitchen. Doing that will make your black cabinet kitchen look more natural and fresh.

White Accent Colors Are A Perfect Match

Choosing some strategic white accent pieces with your black cabinets helps to create more harmony in your kitchen. One interesting area to go white is with the kitchen sink, but then using a matte black faucet.

The white porcelain sink gives your kitchen a rustic or country feeling, while the black is more of a modern look. This creates some interesting combinations that will keep you satisfied.

White hardware, especially knobs and pulls, on black cabinets is sure to create some beauty in your kitchen. Black cabinets make the white hardware pop out and catch your attention, but also feels totally natural. There are top kitchen remodeling trends with white accent colors that you can check for reference. 

Background Color With Black Kitchen Cabinets

The color or colors you choose for the walls in your kitchen has a huge effect on your black cabinets. White is a safe choice wornits balancing effect, but you can choose other colors with success.

If you want to create a balance with your colors, you can choose lighter shades. Many color combinations work, and some of the best ones are:

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Sand
  • Lavender

You could also opt for a dark background, including black walls. This can create a more theatrical atmosphere that can give you a rich feeling of drama.

Lighting in A Black Cabinet Kitchen

The lighting of your black cabinet kitchen will create different moods that you need to consider. There are many possibilities to enhance your black kitchen cabinets with the right types and placement of light fixtures.

Some basic knowledge about lighting will get you thinking about the best solutions for your space. The three types of lighting you need to plan for are:

  • Ambient lighting- the main light source in the room, normally coming from ceiling light fixtures.
  • Task lighting- for performing certain duties in the kitchen, task lighting can be turned on and create a more productive zone.
  • Accent lighting- often overlooked, this lighting can play an important role with black kitchen cabinets. Shine it in the right spot and you can focus on a decoration or design feature that harmonize.

Black being the color that absorbs the most light makes it critical to get your lighting perfect. It’s always better to add extra lights that can be shut off, rather than end up with too little. According to home remodel experts, a good lighting is a must. So, you should find the lighting fixtures that would suit best with your kitchen. 

Black Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Having the correct type of kitchen cabinet doors for a black cabinet kitchen is a key to success. Not every cabinet door looks great with a coat of black paint.

For the most part, you can use a cheaper material like plywood for black kitchen cabinets. You won’t notice the difference from real wood.

Two of the best door styles for a black kitchen cabinet are flat panel or Shaker. These take paint well and will show off the colors potential.

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