15 Bathroom Cabinet Ideas to Give Your Room More Storage and Style

Bathroom Cabinet Storage and Style

When it comes to bathroom design, your cabinetry and storage solutions make a big impact on the form and function of the style bathroom. The right vanities, medicine cabinets, and built-in cabinetry allow you to stash all your bathroom necessities in style.

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Clever bathroom cabinet ideas provide the hidden storage your space needs while also serving as focal features with personalized styling. Whether your taste runs modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, creative cabinetry upgrades make bath time more beautiful.

Before you hire a kitchen and bath contractor, let’s explore 15 favorite bathroom cabinet ideas ranging from floating vanities to custom floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.

1. Opt for Double Sink Vanities for His and Her Storage

For bathrooms shared by couples, consider installing his or her sinks with a spacious double sink vanity. This provides side-by-side storage solutions ideal for two people with different storage needs. Design the vanity with built-in drawers and cabinets customized to your storage requirements.

Select stylish fixtures and hardware like sleek handles to tie your double vanity unit together. Neutral cabinetry with warm wood tones or crisp white finishes works well in any style of bathroom. A double sink and vanity unit create a luxe spa-like environment while efficiently addressing storage needs.

2. Accent with Eye-Catching Hardware for a Focal Point

Unique hardware offers an easy way to make a statement and give personality to your bathroom design. Swap out standard knobs and pulls for custom hardware in an eye-catching finish like brass, black nickel, or distressed bronze. Opt for handles with sculptural shapes or an intricate, textured design.

Coordinate your plumbing fixtures and mirror/medicine cabinet with gold hardware for a more cohesive design look. Bold hardware makes your bathroom cabinets a standout focal point and adds an artistic element to any space. It’s an affordable way to get high-impact style.

3. Install Wall-Hung Vanities for a Sleek Modern Look

A wall-hung vanity creates a clean, contemporary look perfect for modern bathrooms. These vanities float above the ground for a lightweight, streamlined silhouette ideal in small spaces. Coordinate with wall-hung toilets and sinks to enhance the modern design.

Since wall-hung vanities don’t touch the floor, they create an airier, lighter feel. They also make cleaning the floors easier. Hide clutter in drawers and behind sleek cabinet doors to maintain the uncluttered, sleek look. For traditional bathrooms, skip wall-hung vanities in favor of standard cabinets.

4. Build Custom Cabinetry for Extra Storage Space

For ample bathroom storage, work with a contractor to build customized cabinetry. Take advantage of every inch of available space built-in storage, by adding floor-to-ceiling cabinets, extra-deep drawers, and smart internal organization.

One of the best Incorporate cabinets with angled corners and fill awkward nooks with built-in shelves. Size cabinets and shelves to fit the rest of your existing bathroom items like towels and toiletries. Clever custom-designed bathroom storage solutions prevent clutter while maximizing your available space.

5. Add Warm Wood Elements for Traditional Style

Wood finishes lend traditional warmth and elegance to bathroom vanities and cabinets. Opt for classic wood tones like medium brown stained oak, cherry, or distressed grey-washed wood. Work with an interior designer to select wood cabinetry to complement your existing decor.

Combine wood vanities with marble countertops and vintage-inspired plumbing fixtures for timeless style. Glass-front cabinets showcase decor while keeping items tidy. Limit wood finishes to one statement vanity for smaller bathrooms to prevent an overly heavy look.

According to HGTV, mixing materials in cabinetry for a bathroom remodel creates visual interest and depth. They recommend using wood staining and painting techniques to add character to vanities and cabinets.

6. Illuminate with Interior Cabinet Lighting

Take bathroom functionality to the next level with interior cabinet lighting. Install discreet LED strip lighting inside cabinets and under shelves to directly spotlight stored items. This makes seeing into dark corners easier so you can find what you need.

Some vanities feature interior lighting as a built-in perk. Or you can easily add battery-operated puck lights inside existing cabinets for an instant upgrade. Light up the interiors of glass-front cabinets to elegantly display decorative dishes, rolled towels, and toiletries.

7. Design a Bathroom Cabinet Display Area

Turn a section of your bathroom vanity top into a decorative display area for a unique focal point. Style open shelves or glass-front cabinets with neatly folded towels, perfume bottles, organic soaps, and other bath accessories. Display items at staggered heights for visual interest.

Mix metals like antique brass and gunmetal for an eclectic look. Or go modern with all-white decor on sleek open shelves. Make sure your bathroom cabinet display ties in with the overall room design. Light this area well so the details stand out.

8. Opt for Wall-to-Wall Bathroom Cabinetry

For a built-in look that maximizes storage capacity, install wall-to-wall bathroom cabinetry. Take advantage of all available wall space with a combination of open and closed storage. Include drawers, glass or solid doors, open shelving, and medicine cabinets.

Continuous wall-to-wall cabinets make a small bathroom feel more spacious by reducing visual clutter. Maintain a coherent style throughout the cabinetry for a custom high-end look. Include lighting under wall cabinets to eliminate shadows.

As recommended by interior designers in Architectural Digest, opting for wall-to-wall bathroom cabinetry is an effective way to conceal clutter while also making a small bathroom feel more spacious.

9. Add a Slender Console Sink for Small Bathrooms

Another idea for bathroom remodeling is using console sinks on slim vanities are space-saving options perfect for small powder rooms. Look for wall-hung or narrow vanities with just enough width for the single sink by itself. This frees up floor space in cramped bathrooms.

Search for linear console vanities around 24-30 inches wide. Under-sink cabinets, drawers, or shelves provide essential storage without eating up the room. Floating shelves on each side are ideal for folded towels. Console vanities maximize floor and storage space.

10. Contrast Cabinets with Marble Countertops

For serious style, pair bright white bathroom cabinets with gorgeous marble countertops. The contrast showcases the natural veining and depth of marble against crisp white cabinetry. Luxurious marble also adds warmth and texture.

Opt for dramatic dark emperador brown marble or soft white Carrara marble. Make sure your countertop overhangs the cabinets slightly to highlight the marble’s thickness. Add matching white marble shelves or backsplashes to complete the look.

11. Design His and Her Cabinets for Shared Bathrooms

In a spacious shared bathroom, create separate personalized storage for two people. Design matching his and her medicine cabinets fitted to each person’s height and storage needs. Include built-in shelves sized for each individual’s items.

Or install two matching freestanding cabinets for side-by-side storage. Incorporate stylish hardware and lighting that fits each person’s taste into creating their cabinet. Define personal spaces by creating them with wall colors, finishes, or decorative tiles.

12. Add Hidden Storage with Simple Mirror Cabinets

Simple cabinet-style mirrors provide discreetly hidden storage for small essentials like medicine and cosmetics. Look for basic medicine cabinets with mirrors on the outside and shelves inside. Recessed cabinets also work well.

For easy access, position medicine cabinets directly above sinks. Install medication close at hand. Opt for cabinets with custom interior organization systems like pull-out trays. Medicine cabinets keep private items tidy without taking up counter or cabinet space.

13. Use Glass-Front Cabinets to Display Decor

Make the whole interior design a statement and add openness with glass-front bathroom cabinets. Display decorative bowls, perfume bottles, candles, and other beautiful items behind glass. Use interior lighting to highlight displayed objects.

Closed glass cabinets prevent moisture damage on decor compared to open shelves. For privacy, frost or pattern the glass. Glass-front cabinets add style while keeping necessities neatly stored away behind closed doors. Match to hardware finishes for a cohesive look.

14. Incorporate Architectural Open Shelving

If you don’t need closed storage space, open shelving lends an architectural element. The floating shelves become part of the bathroom design. Opt for staggered asymmetrical shelves or precise built-in cubbies.

Use shelves to display fluffy folded towels, bath mats, and pampering accessories. Make sure items are color-coordinated for a curated look. There are kitchen cabinet color ideas you can always consider. Add discreet LED lighting above or beneath shelves to highlight displayed items.

15. Customize Cabinets with Removable Trays

Maximize cabinets with customizable inserts like removable trays and dividers. These smart elements allow you to subdivide drawers and cabinets to suit your needs. Opt for trays with multiple compartments perfect for organizing toiletries.

Look for insert cabinets with adjustable shelves, removable drawers, and pull-out trays. The inserts enable you to easily customize your bathroom cabinet storage over time. As your storage needs change, you can reconfigure the inserts.


What are some of the best bathroom cabinet ideas for added storage?

Custom built-in cabinetry with an integrated organization creates the house with the perfect storage solution. Vanity cabinets with roll-out trays and interior lighting provide easy access.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate vanity cabinets?

A double vanity cabinet creates the perfect solution for his-and-hers storage with clean lines and a cohesive modern feel. Floating vanity units maximize floor space.

How can built-in cabinetry help optimize storage?

Floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinetry with adjustable shelves and deep drawers provides abundant storage space. It keeps everything neatly organized.

What design elements contribute to a clean, modern look?

Sleek handles, organizational drawers, uncluttered surfaces, and minimalist open shelving give bathrooms a clean modern style.

Where are some discreet spaces to store cleaning products?

Keep cleaning supplies neatly organized in drawers, behind cabinet doors, or in slide-out trays for extra storage and quick access when needed.

How can vanity cabinets add storage near the shower and toilet?

Well-designed vanity units place ample storage for exactly where you need it, like right next to the shower and toilet areas to store necessities.

What smart design features make the most of vanity drawers?

Customizable drawer organizers, additional storage compartments, and interior lighting allow you to maximize and access every inch of vanity drawer storage space.

Wrap Up

With the right combination of clever storage solutions and beautiful designs, you can create your dream bathroom oasis. Bathroom cabinets offer so many possibilities for a custom design and optimize your space functionally while making a stylish statement.

Hopefully, these 15 bathroom cabinet ideas sparked inspiration for your own storage needs and taste. Think about how custom built-in cabinetry could maximize every inch, or how a spacious double vanity provides his and her storage. Bold hardware, marble countertops, and open shelving further help your bathroom cabinet ideas make a stylish impact. Work with experienced bathroom designers to bring your unique vision to life.

The options are endless when it comes to crafting creative bathroom cabinetry. Keep functionality top of mind as you select durable finishes that will withstand moisture and everyday use. And don’t forget the lighting! Properly illuminating your cabinets and display areas showcases your items and makes the space more usable. Shop for quality pieces that reflect your style. With the right combination of inspired design and practical storage solutions, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy a beautiful, clutter-free bathroom space every day.

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