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Your kitchen is now outdated. So, you’re looking for ways to enhance the design and improve the style. What better way to go about this than to look at the latest trends in kitchen décor?

Here, you can find inspiration for your own kitchen upgrade, which will more than likely consist of updating the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are the center of the kitchen – it covers a large amount of space, so it makes sense to ensure this looks up to par. If you’re wondering how you can enhance your kitchen, then you may find one or more of the following designs worth considering.

Dump the White, Marry the Gray

Yes, white kitchens are finally going out of style – at least, for right now. If you’re looking to add a little color to your cooking space, but not too much, then gray is the perfect option. Once upon a time, just about everything in the kitchen was white. This included the appliances, the floors, the kitchen cabinets, counters and dishes. With gray taking over the mix, it brings more possibilities for color combinations. Plus, it gets rid of the boring white kitchen designs. Some folks choose to add rich stained wood cabinets into the design.

Take Functionality to the Next Level

Kitchen cabinets are changing in color. But this isn’t the only thing different about today’s options. You can choose all sorts of décor that also enhances functionality. For instance, hardware from brands like Blum make opening cabinets and drawers simpler. Then there are hydraulic doors that make it easy to open and close doors. Not to mention, the doors that fold up and out of your sight. If space is an issue in your kitchen, then this is an option worth considering.

Black & White Palettes Are In

We said white kitchens are out of the picture, but what we do see is kitchen palettes that contain a combination of black and white. This tones down the bright white kitchens with the direct contrast of black. This style of kitchen has been around for many years and will continue to exist in the coming years. You can opt for white cabinets and black counters and appliances or vice versa. Then to warm things up, you can install rustic hardwood flooring.

Sinks with Beautiful Hues

Now, to brighten things up a bit, homeowners are adding fresh hues to their kitchen sinks. This includes bright greens and yellows, and mellow purples and browns. Imagine walking into a kitchen that’s all black and silver, then there’s a bright red sink in the middle. Surely, that will grab your attention, and that’s exactly the purpose of this design. This is a great way to add emphasis to your new farmhouse sink or another sink design.

Bolder Fixtures in the Kitchen

Colors are great for adding emphasis to a kitchen’s design, but it’s not the only way to spruce things up. For instance, you can have bolder appliances and fixtures. Some homeowners choose to have large over-sized lamps installed for greater emphasis. The same is done with the large farmhouse sinks and large-scale cabinetry. Everything in the kitchen doesn’t have to be oversized. Just choose select locations and items you want to enhance in size. Then you can tie in the bold colors for your appliances, sink and cabinetry if you really want to make a statement.

Contrasting Light Colors and Shadows

This is likely the reason why black and white kitchens fare so well in the design community. There’s just something about contrasting colors that make a beautiful kitchen design. And that’s exactly the case with other light colors and shadow compilations. For example, you can create a wintry blizzard feel with dark brown cabinets and drawers and white counters and backsplash. Then to really add contrast, you can have dark brown specks and strips in the white backsplash. It adds a sense of drama to the scene that can make even small kitchens more appealing.

Maximizing Kitchen Space

For a lot of homeowners, the kitchen is where you do all your entertaining, prep and cook meals and enjoy meals with the family. This means you need lots of space to store cookware, dishware and appliances. This calls for more storage space. What better way to get that than with more drawers and cabinetry? You can either install more cabinets on empty wall space or opt for larger cabinets.

Purchasing New Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home

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