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If you’re like most trendy homeowners, you’re always looking for the next big thing for your kitchen. Kitchen designs are always evolving, which means more styles for you to consider. Now, there’s another trend many homeowners are adopting into their own homes – waterfall kitchen islands. The name alone makes it sound like a very appealing addition to the cooking scene. If you’re a lover of kitchen islands, then you may find this to be another add-on to your list of fetishes. Waterfall kitchen islands are popping up in homes all over the world. They come in all sorts of styles and designs, which make it easier to accommodate various homes and lifestyles. You can find them made with quartz, glass, wood, granite and concrete. It’s an interesting piece to include in your kitchen backdrop. Let’s learn more about waterfall kitchen islands and why you should consider getting one.

The Emergence of Waterfall Kitchen Islands

When waterfall kitchen islands first hit the scene, it was an ultra-modern piece of décor. And it is. You’ll find it widely used in contemporary kitchens across the nation and for good reason – it adds a sleek, minimalistic touch to your kitchen. It’s also keen at tucking away your appliances, giving your kitchen a nice and neat look. Then compared to traditional counters, waterfall counters are usually easier to keep clean. The style also protects your wooden cabinets. Then as a bonus, you can use this style of island to showcase your countertop. So, if you’re boasting beautiful granite or quartz counters, then this is a great way to add emphasis to it.

Now, there are still some folks who’ve yet to jump on the waterfall kitchen island bandwagon. Some are afraid this is just another fad that will slowly slip away over time. And who wants to be stuck with an outdated kitchen? However, there are certain trends that we can predict will be around for many years to come. For example, bright kitchens – these will always be in homes across the world. For the past decade, waterfall islands gained popularity. Like bright counters, waterfall kitchen islands just have a style that makes it long-lasting. There’s nothing distasteful about them and it helps to highlight luxury materials you may have in your kitchen, such as engineered quartz or marble. Then the fact you get to hide away your bulky appliances is always a bonus. If you’re thinking about investing in one, then now’s the time to do so!

The Three Advantages of Waterfall Kitchen Islands

So, what’s all the fuss about waterfall islands anyway? Well, for starters, they’re the perfect addition to a kitchen homeowner want to make tidier. It comes with a frame over your cabinets, which gives the kitchen a cleaner feel. It’s a great style to add to an urban apartment or home with an open layout. In this scenario, you want as little clutter as possible, and this will give you just that. Next, say you spend a pretty penny on a beautiful set of stone slabs. But they fail to get the attention you feel they deserve. With the waterfall kitchen island, you can ensure your granite, marble or quartz countertops are seen by all who enter your open floor plan.

Finally, the advantage that makes most homeowners jump aboard is the durability. If you have children or pets, then you’re aware of how most other islands are easily scratched. There’s no worry of this when you have waterfall style islands. The key is to opt for a durable material, such as quartz or granite. The end panels will hold up against little people and animals, as well as the kitchen countertops. The waterfall style provides an additional layer of protection for your kitchen.

More About Waterfall Kitchen Islands

Another name for these lovely islands is risers. It’s a counter with a horizontal edge that extends vertically over your floor. According to some experts, adding any material to a waterfall island that extends to the floor immediately becomes more sleek and modern. But you don’t have to have a modern setting for a waterfall island. They also fit well inside of contemporary spaces. Now, there are various ways you can emphasize your waterfall island. For instance, you can add lighting beneath the area that extends vertically to the floor. Play around with the idea of which colored bulbs you’ll use at different times of the year.

Finding Materials for Your Waterfall Kitchen Island

If you’re really interested in adding a waterfall kitchen island to your home, then you’ll need to find the perfect countertop for the addition. Stone is an exceptional choice for many reasons. For one, they come in an array of styles, colors and textures. They are the perfect fit if you’re going for a contemporary or modern look. The choice now is whether you want a natural or engineered stone. Marble and granite are your natural options, which require regular sealing to properly maintain. Aside from that, they’re great at combating against stains, heat and scratches. Quartz is engineered to be very tough and nonporous. This makes it impossible for burns, stains and scratches to infiltrate it. This too comes in a large variety of colors. And in some cases, you can have it dyed to fit the exact palette of your kitchen.

Buy Materials for Your Kitchen

Once you’ve found the material you want to buy for your island, it’s time to buy. At Cabinets City, we have a stockroom of products you can use to update your kitchen. For instance, we have beautiful kitchen countertops and cabinets. Some of the brands we carry include Schrock Cabinets, J and K Cabinets, Wolf Cabinets, Forevermark and Fabuwood. Our showroom is local and available to those throughout Illinois, including Chicago, Arlington Heights, Hoffman Estate and Elk Grove, to name a few. Contact us today to get free estimates for the products you’d like to purchase.

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