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Millions of homeowners remodel their kitchens each year, and the kitchen continues to be one of the most important rooms in the home. With new Kitchen Cabinets, homeowners can turn an inefficient, dated room into an organized, functional one. Below are some things to consider when buying new cabinets for the kitchen.

Kitchen Design is Important

It’s important to start the job with a plan in mind. Alternatively, a homeowner can consult a local cabinet installer to create a design that works for them. The more the job is planned, the more likely it is to be successful. Most kitchen cabinet companies offer free design and measurement services to ensure that customers get just the Kitchen Cabinets they want.

What’s in the Cabinets?

Review the kitchen’s existing cabinetry and what’s in it to plan the upgrade. Cabinet interiors come with many options, from built-in spice racks to rollouts. In small kitchens, less may be more, but larger kitchens often do well with additional options and features.

Buy Quality Cabinetry

When choosing new cabinets, it’s important to choose those that are certified by the KCMA or Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. These cabinets have undergone rigorous testing, and they can stand up to years of normal use. KCMA-certified cabinets can stand up to high humidity and heat, stains, and countless other abuses.

What’s in the Budget?

Semi-custom and stock cabinets are the most popular choices among America’s homeowners. Most companies offer stock cabinetry that takes three to ten days to install. These are very cost-efficient, but homeowners are limited in size and door design options. Semi-custom cabinets are available in a wider range of styles, finishes, and sizes. They take three to six weeks to install, and they’re typically available in three-inch width increments. Full custom cabinets are the most expensive choice, and they can take up to four months to fabricate and install. Consult a local cabinet company for help choosing budget-friendly Kitchen Cabinets.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Color and Style

Lightly-colored woods such as maple and oak can make a kitchen seem more open, larger, and brighter. Darker woods such as hickory and cherry create a more furniture-like, dramatic effect. Shaker-style cabinets are a popular choice for their simplistic, clean looks and their transitional style. Local installers have many colors, styles and stains to choose from.

Donate the Old Cabinetry to a Good Cause

One of the best ways to get rid of old Kitchen Cabinets is to donate them to a nonprofit organization such as Habitat for Humanity. The organization’s ReStores accept donations for resale, or they’ll give them to someone in need. When working with a local installer, they may be able to arrange pickup and removal of the old cabinets. In most cases, the donation is tax-deductible.

Cabinets That Make the Grade

Today’s kitchen cabinetry is available in various grades and construction qualities. Working with a local designer makes it much easier to find the right cabinets for any project. Kitchen cabinetry is available in several grades, from MDF (medium density fiberboard) to plywood. Drawers are available in various grades as well, from those with standard glides to those with soft-close features. The rule is simple: If the owner will be in the home for five years or more, they should consider spending a bit more to get long-lasting, durable quality. However, if the owner plans to sell the home, or it’s a rental property, a basic cabinet line may be more appropriate.

If it Sounds Too Good to be True, It Likely Is

The saying applies to many things, but it’s especially true with kitchen cabinetry. The market has been flooded with imported cabinets of very low quality, and some have even failed EPA air quality testing. With help from a local installer, homeowners can find the best combination of quality and price.

Consider Adding a Kitchen Island

If there’s enough space in the kitchen, consider adding an island. A kitchen island allows for easier enjoyment, entertainment, and cooking, and it can last a lifetime. Hire a kitchen designer to get an island that fits the kitchen’s layout and the family’s lifestyle.

Think About What the Family Needs From the Cabinets

Cabinets can be costly, taking up more than 50% of the cost of the average kitchen renovation. When choosing between remodeled and new cabinets, customers should think of their form, function, and cost. If the cabinets’ current layout works for the family, refacing the cabinets and installing new hardware may be a budget-friendly choice. A savvy kitchen remodeler can bring new functionality to even the smallest kitchens. Follow these tips:

  • Measure the current cabinets’ linear footage and determine the family’s additional storage needs.
  • Consider how many shelves and storage drawers are needed.

By working with a local kitchen cabinet company, any homeowner can upgrade their cabinets to meet their needs and their budget.

Putting Things Together, From Beginning to End

Once the homeowner picks out the right cabinets, they have to decide on other features such as appliances, countertops, paint, backsplashes, and flooring. All of these choices can be difficult, but they can easier when the homeowner works with a local cabinetry company. Local installers make the coordination and selection processes inviting and easy, and installation teams can be trusted to do top-quality work. Customers are treated like family from the job’s beginning to its end, and installers treat every kitchen as if it were their own.

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