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Most homeowners would love to do a major kitchen remodeling, but delay it because of the costs in time and money involved. That said, it is worth it if you do it right. One of the first things you need to find a reputable supplier for major remodel components such as kitchen countertops and cabinets. This ensures you have much less stress during your remodel. Below are some other tips for successful kitchen remodeling.

Think about how you use your kitchen

Your kitchen is the workhorse of the home, and you regularly use it in a certain way. The kitchen workflow is never the same for all homeowners. There will be slight variations and habits you have that will affect the way you use your kitchen.

When planning kitchen remodeling, you need to consider this workflow quite seriously. The remodel should help you work in the kitchen better and more efficiently, and that will only happen if you lay down your requirements based on the way you use the kitchen.

For instance, if you have a habit of using certain pots and pans more frequently than others, you want to make sure you have those easily accessible. If you like to chop your vegetables ahead of time, you need to include a large enough area to accommodate numerous dishes and a chopping board near your cooking are. You should also plan for storage of your baking tools and pans near your baking ingredients if you are an enthusiastic baker.

These scenarios might have an impact on your overall kitchen design, so you want to include them in your initial design or mention them during a design consultation. That way, you end up with a kitchen customized to your needs. 

Pick out your cabinets or countertops first

Many designers would tell you that you should pick out the kitchen cabinets or countertops first, as these both occupy a lot of real estate in your kitchen. As such, they can greatly influence the trend of your kitchen design.

This is not as easy as it may appear. Kitchen cabinets and countertops come in many colors and designs, and it can be fatally easy to make a mistake. You need to make time for this choice, and ask the experts for recommendations for your particular needs.

If given a choice, picking out the kitchen cabinets may be a tad easier than countertops. Once you find a kitchen cabinet color and style you like, it is often easy enough to find kitchen countertops to match 0or complement them. From there, all other design choices will most likely fall into place.

Decide what you can keep

kitchen remodeling ideas open shelving

A complete kitchen remodel does not necessarily mean getting rid of everything in your present kitchen. You might conceivably keep your kitchen countertops if they are in excellent condition, and this will free up some of your budget to pay for the kitchen cabinets you love. You might also want to keep some of your newer appliance and design around them.

Aside from keeping some of your things, you might also want to consider keeping your layout. Relocating electrical wires and plumbing can add considerably to your cost and extend your timeline. You might also be required to get permits for major structural changes, so that will also harsh your buzz.  If your present layout works well for you, keep it. If you want to relocate one or two elements to increase your space or efficiency, then do so, but only for those reasons.

Consider putting in a full backsplash

kitchen remodel

This might seem like an odd tip, but the backsplash of your kitchen has a greater effect on function and esthetics than most people realize. It protects your walls from dirt, grime, and spatters, and makes it easier to keep your kitchen clean. The backsplash can also play a dramatic role in esthetics if it is noticeable enough.

Standard backsplashes are just four inches from the kitchen countertop. From a functional point of view, that does not make any sense because any dirt and spatter will certainly go over four inches on a regular basis. Aside from being functionally inadequate, a standard backsplash cuts up the wall, making it look shorter than it is actually.  To make the most of your kitchen remodeling budget, consider putting in a full backsplash. 

A full backsplash goes up from the kitchen countertop to the bottom of the wall cabinet or up to the ceiling, depending on its location. It will certainly cost more than a standard backsplash, but it will pay back in dividends in looks and function. A full backsplash promotes continuity for the line of vision, making the wall seem higher, and the room bigger. With the right accents, the backsplash can actually dominate the room.

Some homeowners choose to use tiles instead of slabs for backsplashes to cut on costs, and these work quite well. The important thing is to have a smooth transition from the top of the countertop to make the design look cohesive. Some companies offer tile versions of granite or marble slabs, so that might be a good combination.


Achieving a successful kitchen remodeling takes some doing, but it can happen if you give these tips some serious consideration. You can maximize your remodeling budget and get the kitchen you need and want.

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