The Beauty of Having Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Color

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Are you lost on what kitchen cabinet color to choose for your kitchen cabinets? Have you tried opting for a two-tone? If this is your first time renovating your cabinets or kitchen, then you’ll appreciate the simplicity of going for a two-tone theme.

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Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into two-tone kitchen cabinets. Explore its beauty and benefits for you. If you need anything for your kitchen cabinets, we are more than willing to help.

Without delays, let’s start!

What is a two-tone kitchen cabinet?

If you want a minimalist theme for your kitchen cabinets, then going for a dual-tone is your best choice. That said, you’re going to choose two palettes only for the color of your cabinets. Once you’ve chosen those two tints, you’d have to decide which one goes for your upper and base cabinets.

Most modern homes go for neutral tones for their kitchen cabinet color. That’s because it makes their kitchen look cleaner and fresher. For instance, you can opt for sky blue on your upper cabinets while orange for your base cabinets.

There are hundreds of kitchen cabinet color ideas you can explore for your home. At Cabinets City, we can help you make the best decision for your cabinet remodeling. Our designers have the best experience and training in the field. We can pick the right palettes that would give timeless beauty to your kitchen.

What are the benefits of having a two-tone kitchen cabinet?

Are you on the fence about going for a dual tone on your cabinets? Don’t be as it has many benefits installed for you! Below are the advantages you can rip off from it:

Excellent for small kitchens

Choosing a lighter shade for your two-tone cabinets, makes your small kitchen look bigger. You can go for neutral shades on your upper cabinets and a darker tint for the base cabinets. That way, you’re drawing their attention to the lighter tint giving an impression of a wider space.

Stylish minimalist feel

Most contemporary homes are minimalist in style with more focus on functionality. Choosing only two colors for your kitchen is an excellent way of achieving that minimalist modern feel. You can change kitchen cabinet color to match the overall theme of your home.

Typically, neutral tints paired with organic accessories are trending today. It creates a relaxing aura while giving the modern feel you desire. Most of all, when you just have two colors for your kitchen cabinets, you can easily mix and match items inside your kitchen.

Increase home value

When you successfully mix and match colors and items inside your kitchen, it adds beauty to your home. That said, it increases the possible resale value of your property since your home is updated.

If you want to sell your house, make sure to know what is the in-demand design of your prospective buyers. That way, you can align your kitchen renovations to their preference. Also, improving the functionality of your kitchen can give a great impression to home buyers.

You have more time to focus on functionality

When you have less time to think about cabinet colors, you can put more focus on improving the functionality of your kitchen and cabinets. This is more important than aesthetics as you need more storage inside the kitchen.

At Cabinets City, you’ll find our selections of different cabinet brands and styles. We can help you get semi-custom, stock, or custom cabinets suitable for your kitchen. By improving on storage, you can easily organize things in your home.

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color for 2022?

If you’re considering repainting or renovating your kitchen cabinets this year, better know the trending cabinet colors today.

Coffee brown and white

Mixing these two colors for your cabinets would give a balance between earthly warmth and a modern white kitchen. Coffee brown for your base cabinets while stark white for your upper cabinetry. A balance between classic and modern white kitchen.

Black and gold

These are the colors you’ll need in creating a farmhouse classy kitchen. Black upper kitchen cabinets while gold for your base cabinets. Black gives that emotional depth to your kitchen while gold sends a touch of elegance.

Your black wall mount cabinets would also look great with glass front doors. If you have white porcelain plates and cups there, that becomes a highlight on your cabinetry. 

Gold base cabinets marry well with your wooden kitchen island. It goes well with your countryside theme for the kitchen.

Charcoal gray and white

Charcoal gray and other neutral shades like olive green and light blue pair well with white upper cabinets. For your gray base cabinets, you can install satin bar pulls or knobs. This gives an industrial chic appeal to your cabinet doors.

White wall mount cabinets look well with chrome finish or brass cabinet hardware. White is a versatile palette, so you can seamlessly pair that with almost any other tone.

Green and blue

An earthly green color marries well with blue for your dual-tone cabinets. You can have green for base cabinets while blue for your wall mount cabinets. Your upper cabinetry must take a lighter shade while a darker one for your base cabinets.

Does a dual tone kitchen cabinet suit you?

Today, less is more. That’s the principle of most home remodelers and homeowners. They want something minimalist but stylish without more focus on functionality. If you’re looking for a reliable cabinet store near you, you can find them at Cabinets City.

We offer the most popular kitchen cabinet color for all seasons. When it comes to different colors and brands of cabinets, you can find them in our store. We partner with trusted brands in the market like Forevermark and Fabuwood.

Should you need free advice in choosing the right kitchen cabinet color trends 2022, you can reach out to us. Call us at 847-999-0278 (Mt Prospect), 847-851-4161 (Palatine), and 630-332-3833 (Naperville).

You can also book online for a complimentary consultation.

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