The Beauty Of Country Style Cabinets For Your Kitchen

Choosing kitchen cabinets country style is a perfect method of adding some charm and sparkling personality to your home. There are many different ways of adding country style kitchen cabinets to your house that are fun and creative. There are modern kitchen cabinet ideas around, but the country style is the best.

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Many people find that adding farmhouse country style kitchen cabinets to their home makes them feel cozy and satisfied. The best country style cabinets look great with many types of kitchens, and it’s important to know what design you need. Finding a cabinet store is also important if you want a nice set of quality cabinets. 

For this article, our design experts will share all the benefits that make people feel happy about their country style painted kitchen cabinets. In this post, you will also learn a thing or two about country style bathroom cabinets that will make you want to get some of your own.

Country Style Kitchen With White Cabinets

White country style cabinets can be the perfect compliment to a more rustic kitchen with that warm and cozy feeling everyone loves. There are many advantages to white cabinets in a country style kitchen, mainly that they help to keep the room bright. There are many kitchen remodeling ideas focusing 

If you have some cabinets in your kitchen that work well and have enough space for your necessities, you could simply throw a coat of white paint on them. That is a perfect way to reuse your old cabinets and create a beautiful space.

There are also several options for cabinets that go well in a country style kitchen. Some of the options you might consider to compliment your kitchen are:

  • Shaker style kitchen cabinets – these have a frame around a recessed panel for the doors. It comes from the way the Shakers made their cabinets in the old days, so they fit a country style kitchen well.
  • Square raised panel – these panels have a square frame and then a raised center panel.
  • Flat panel cabinets- this door style is simple, much like many farmhouse style kitchen cabinets.

Best Hardware Styles For Country Kitchen Cabinets

The most popular way of selecting the best hardware for kitchen cabinets country style is with some cast iron. This material appears black, and usually has a bit of thickness to it, like it came out of the farmhouse blacksmithing shop.

You can find cast iron kitchen cabinet hardware in certain stores as a brand new item, but the most authentic way to go is to do some antique hunting. You can have a pleasant weekend scouring the countryside for the perfect set of cabinet hardware.

For the hinges, it’s more appropriate to have them exposed because that is the way a traditional country person would do it. Again, it’s best to go with some cast iron or at least black colored steel hinges to fit the farmhouse motif.  There are many kitchen remodeling before and after photos that you can check for inspiration. 

Different Kitchen Cabinet Country Style Colors

The colors of your kitchen cabinets are a big part of your home, and you want to select a color that you love and that fits your design goals. Many country style cabinets are painted, so that is one way that you can make this look your own.

Warmer and gentler hues are the best for a kitchen cabinet country style. Some of the most incredible paint colors that will improve your home include:

  • Egg yellow – this color is a bit muted and almost reminds you of churning butter in the fields.
  • Mint – this shade of green is muted and helps your country style kitchen feel relaxed.
  • Lavender – a lighter shade of lavender almost smells sweet like the real flowers.

You should definitely go to the paint store and pick out a few colors to try out on your walls. You must match the light with the color and the shape of the room to pull off kitchen cabinets country style. There are many kitchen remodeling ideas, but this one is on the top. 

Countertops To Pair With Country Kitchen Cabinets

An integral part of the cabinets that not many people think about at first are the countertops. They almost always go between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets, so they can reflect light and make the cabinets appear different.

There are a few excellent options when it comes to country style countertops that will improve the overall atmosphere in your home. Some of the best countertops to complete the country style kitchen cabinets you want are:

  • Butcher Block – this is a wooden material that some farmers might even have in their home today. It is easy to install and looks great with a warm and gentle appearance.
  • Polished Cement – this material for your countertops looks solid and you can tint it or leave it gray.
  • Granite – this stone looks good in many homes, but it’s honest, solid and simple look is great for a farmhouse or country style kitchen. Make sure you choose granite countertops that would fit with your theme. 

The kitchen countertops you pair with your country style cabinets can help to complete this unique decor motif. You can get many ideas by searching the internet for countertops to go with country style kitchen cabinets.

A Kitchen Island With Country Style Cabinets

A kitchen island can serve many purposes in your kitchen, not least of which is to have some cabinets underneath for storage. This wonderful kitchen feature also works for trying to achieve an entire country style kitchen.

Some people might try to tell you that a kitchen island doesn’t fit in with the country style, but that is not true at all. Many country kitchens are built with utility as the number one goal, and an island is one of the most useful kitchen features.

Open Shelving WIth Country Style Kitchen Cabinets

It’s also helpful to have some open shelves to complete that kitchen cabinet country style design. They help to make the kitchen feel more simple, but serve the same purpose as kitchen cabinets.

Open shelves also give you a place to put some country style decorations to show off and complete the atmosphere. You can choose beautiful antique plates that have that old-timey feeling that makes you remember the good old days.

Open shelving in a country style kitchen also gives you a place to keep some houseplants. The country is full of plants, and having some in your kitchen will give you the feeling that you are really in a rural place.

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