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The town of Arlington Heights is located in both Cook County and Lake County, a suburb of Chicago which is about 25 miles away. Arlington Heights is a popular village with Chicago workers because it is an easy commute.
With a total area of 16,639 square miles and 76,024 residents as of 2014, Arlington Heights has the highest population density for incorporated villages in the US. The racial mix is predominantly white at 81.3%, with 8.3% Asians, 7.3% Hispanic, and 1.3% African American.

The surge in population occurred in the mid-1900s due to several factors. The 1950s and 60s was the time when automobiles were becoming more affordable. It was also the era of the Baby Boomers and economic development in Chicago, as well as the widespread migration of city dwellers to suburbs and rural areas, one of which was Arlington Heights. It was also at this time that Arlington Heights began annexing nearby communities, so that by 1970 the population had jumped to 64,884 from 1,400 in 1900.
The original area of Arlington Heights was pretty bare, with very few trees and no groves. Land began being sold in the area in 1835, and by the 1850s, more German farmers began moving to the area, and began supplying Chicago with produce and dairy products. Former New York resident William Dunton campaigned the Illinois & Wisconsin Railroad to make a stop in the town of Dunton in 1853, which is now part of the village. The combination of circumstances made the area where present-day Arlington Heights noted for truck farms.
Development was slow but steady, especially after World War II. Currently, the median household income in the village as of 2013 is $79,940, significantly higher than the state median.
It is interesting that half a dozen films shot some scenes in Arlington Heights. These include Lucas (1986), Blood and Wine (1996), Normal Life (1996), Uncle Nino (2003), The Lucky Ones (2008), and A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010). It could be because quite a few people involved in television and films come from Arlington heights. This includes:
Margaret Judson
Marlee Matlin
Jim Michaels
Jennifer Morrison
Jeff Speakman
Anson Mount
Sebastian Maniscalco

Things to Do Around Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is best known for the Arlington Park Race Track, occupying land that used to be 12 farms. It was founded in 1927 by “Curly” Brown, a Californian and millionaire and currently hosts the Arlington Million qualifying event for the Breeders’ Cup. In 2002, the racetrack also hosted the Breeders’ Cup Classic. If you’re into horse betting, or just like horses, Arlington Heights is definitely a good place to be. Attached to the racetrack are two country clubs and Camp McDonald.

If you’re in Arlington Heights to do some research, you can go to the Arlington Heights Memorial Library which has a huge collection of resources, including dioramas of the local area prior to the arrival of the Europeans, and other cool things. Be sure to check out the Nathaniel Moore Banta House, which is a registered historic place on the grounds, right next to the Muller House.

More is better

The client lives in a split-level single family home near her kids’ schools and the Metro station. It was built in 1952, but had been recently renovated so that almost everything is new. However, she found she didn’t have enough kitchen cabinets for everything. She called us in for a quote on adding the same type of cabinets. We scheduled an ocular to better advise her.


Her new kitchen cabinets were J&K Cabinetry 42″ Mocha Maple glazed cabinets (K10). It would be a simple matter to order more cabinets for the client as we are dealers of J&K. We pointed out where we could add more cabinets over the refrigerator and above the sink. We could also add hanging glass-fronted cabinets all around the adjoining dining room. With our suggestions, she would effectively double her storage space.

It would mean moving things she doesn’t use on a daily basis to the dining room cabinets, which is also recommended from an organizational point of view. We also suggested tilt out trays for her faux drawers. The client was enthusiastic about all our suggestions, especially when we gave her a quote that was way below what she expected to pay, and asked us to deliver it as soon as possible.

After sales

We informed the client two days before we delivered that her semi-custom cabinets had arrived three weeks later. She had her installer at the ready as she was anxious to make use of the storage as soon as possible. We called after a few days to find out if everything was as she expected. She enthused over the tilt drawers, which she said was a stroke of genius on our part. She also said that the new cabinets were a perfect match for her existing ones, so it looked perfect.

Cabinets are our game

We are not called Cabinets City for nothing. We carry some of the best and most affordable cabinets in the US and Europe, and we are always up to 40% less than big box stores. With ready service and free expert advice at your fingertips, it makes perfect sense to call us first for all your cabinet and storage needs. Contact us for a free estimate, and you will see soon enough why we are the best in Illinois.

Bayram Gulsen

Bayram Gulsen is the owner of Cabinets City. He always had this passion to redefine cabinetry to be at its best along with his dedicated team and the author of Cabinets City blog: You can find Bayram on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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