Top Modern Cabinet Styles To Improve Your Kitchen’s Value

Having a modern cabinet set as part of your kitchen can make your space feel more appropriate for your personality. Modern kitchen cabinets are the most important element in the kitchen, so they should be chosen with care.

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Whether you have ideas for small kitchen remodel or simply want to upgrade your current style, there are many modern cabinet styles on the market today that will up your kitchen’s appeal. You can just visit different cabinet stores, and a whole lot of options will be shown to you. You can pick from many modern cabinet door styles that enhance the look of your home.

To help you decide upon the best modern kitchen cabinets, our experts will share the top looks that are sweeping the nation and adding value to homes. With these modern storage cabinet sets, you will be more comfortable in your kitchen for decades to come.


Shaker style cabinets are simple and minimalist with a framed front and simple lines. They can be made into a modern wood cabinet set, but they can also be painted. This gives you some added flexibility to make your dreams become reality.

If you want to add some color to your kitchen without compromising on the look of your cabinets, white shaker cabinets ideas are a great choice. They are one of the most popular choices going back centuries, and have proven to be a timeless look.

They’re durable, too! If you live in an area where there’s lots of moisture—like by the ocean or near lakes—it won’t hurt if your cabinets get wet from time to time. Many types of modern kitchen cabinet hardware go well on shaker cabinets.

Flat Panel

The flat panel cabinet is one of the most popular cabinet styles of all. They are made from solid wood, have a flat front, and come in many styles and kitchen cabinet color ideas as well. Flat panel cabinets are also easy to install, which cuts down on labor costs overall.

This type of cabinet goes especially well if you want to achieve that sleek, modern kitchen that adds tons of value to your home. For an open kitchen concept, flat panel cabinets are one of the best options. They don’t cast shadows that could distract your eyes in the kitchen.

You can choose to add some unique hardware to your flat panel kitchen cabinets, or leave them without distraction. Long, slender cabinet pulls are a perfect match to add some texture to your modern cabinet kitchen.


Inset cabinets are a modern style that is popular for its clean lines and simple design. They have a frame around an inset panel that rises in the center. This creates a classic, yet contemporary kitchen cabinet look.

They are often made from wood or wood veneer, or with a glass panel inset into the door. You can then light the inside of the cabinet to show off your finest china. Be aware though, with a glass front you need to keep those cabinets organized and tidy!

These cabinets can be an excellent choice to add value to your kitchen because they have the potential to conceal clutter while still being visually appealing. From rustic to futuristic kitchen cabinet hardware, inset cabinets can work well for your style. Make sure that you also choose the best modern kitchen countertop ideas that would go well with your cabinet. 

European Frameless Kitchen Cabinet

The most popular kitchen cabinet style from across the pond that is making a big splash in the new world are European frameless cabinets. They have a more bohemian look, and you can put them into many modern or contemporary kitchens.

These cabinets are made with a solid box, rather than having a strong frame for the structure of the unit. This actually gives you a little more space inside of the kitchen cabinets, so it is perfect if you hope to have a little more space without bulky cabinets.

European kitchen cabinets look great in modern kitchens because they can be made sleek and unobtrusive. The kitchen cabinet doors on European frameless cabinets cover the entire cabinet box, which aids in the modern look.

Louvered Kitchen Cabinet

This type of cabinet has slats as the center panel that actually allow air to pass into the items inside of the boxes. These types of cabinets are wonderful in a humid environment where you want to help the dishes in your kitchen dry out.

The louvered panels add texture to a modern kitchen without overpowering the space or making it feel busy. There are small shadows cast by the slats that help change the look inside of the kitchen depending on the angle of the natural light.

With these modern kitchen cabinet sets, you are better off painting them in a light shade to open up the space. White is the classic color for louvered kitchen cabinets, but some other great color options include:

  • Robin’s Egg
  • Faint Pink
  • Lavender
  • Spring Yellow

How To Pick The Right Kitchen Cabinet Set

Many people have no idea how to match their personality with the kitchen cabinet set to create a modern space to add value. You need to focus on your values and what you love seeing day in and day out that makes you happy.

Kitchen cabinets will be with you for a very long time, so you want to make a decision that will feel timeless to you and your changing life. Some questions you might want to ask yourself before you choose a kitchen cabinet set include:

  • Do you like shadows, or a more clean and moderated look?
  • Do kitchen cabinets look good with hardware, or are you happier without?
  • Are you attracted by beautiful natural wood, or is paint better for your eyes?
  • What shape is your kitchen?
  • Where does the natural light come from in relation to your kitchen cabinet set?

Knowing the answer to these questions will help you work with a kitchen cabinet design team to make the best choices for your home remodeling. Knowing yourself is important in all parts of life, including in deciding on the right modern cabinet styles.

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