Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas To Consider in 2022

9. Creamy White Cabinets
If we look back, the kitchen is just an ordinary space for cooking meals. But today, things have changed, especially since homeowners consider the kitchen the heart of their home.

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That said, the focal point of a kitchen is the cabinets. So, what kitchen cabinet ideas are trending today? Do you know? If not, then you’re in the right place as we’re going to take a tour of the best kitchen cabinet storage ideas this year.

Let’s take a closer look and help you find the best one for your kitchen.

Beach-inspired kitchen cabinets

Living in the city is boring sometimes, right? You see the same thing daily until you get exhausted from it. That said, why not take in the ambiance of the beach in your kitchen? That’s truly relaxing considering you spend time with friends and family in the kitchen.

You can open some windows facing the outdoors in your kitchen. A sliding door may be in your kitchen and would also be great.

As for your minimalist kitchen cabinets, a shaker style would be the best fit. Alternatively, you can also have slab-style doors with monochromatic colors. This works well in giving you that contemporary minimalist feels in your kitchen.

White cabinets with brass hardware

When it comes to muted tones, white is one of the in-demand options. To give it an interesting appearance, you can opt for brass fittings. Installing brass hardware would effortlessly pop out from your cabinets.

You can also have brass accessories to go along with this. For instance, having a brass finish faucet, chairs, hanging pendant lights, and brass holder for your condiments.

Beadboard Cabinets with muted tones 

Beadboard is one of the trending minimalist kitchen cabinet ideas you can have this year. The design is simple and modern for any homeowner who likes to get down with intricate styles. White or any muted colors would pair well with beadboard cabinets.

This cabinet style marries well with your white kitchen island. If you opt for a dual-tone kitchen cabinet, then having a darker base cabinet is a good choice.

You can have a brass finish arch or bar pull for your kitchen cabinets. This gives a classy feel and warmth to your contemporary minimalist kitchen.

Flat-front Cabinets 

When it comes to in-demand cabinet ideas 2022, flat-front or slab-style cabinets are one of them. You can have this one, and then open shelving for your upper cabinets. This makes your minimalist kitchen more spacious and fresher.

In terms of cabinet hardware, you can go for bar pulls with a matte black finish. The white or charcoal gray color is a fitting choice for your flat-front cabinets. We can help you find one in our selections. We have different cabinet brands you can view on our website and showroom.

Shaker Kitchen cabinets

If you want an organic and homey touch to your minimalist kitchen, then shaker cabinets are your top choice. This gained the best rating for our customers for the best kitchen cabinet ideas 2022.

Shaker cabinets have a flexible style that can match traditional, transitional, or modern kitchens. You can also pair that with other cabinet styles like glass front and open shelving.

You can have a glass front for your upper cabinets while a shaker-style for your base cabinets. Both are good choices for your minimalist kitchen theme.

Raised Panel Cabinets

You can also try having a raised panel cabinet for your minimalist kitchen. This cabinet style is known for its warmth and natural vibe. Even if you have a modern minimalist kitchen, having this would still be fine since it gives a warm contrast to the modern elements in your kitchen.

Wooden Cabinets for your Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchens are known for being simple and clean. They are focused more on functionality while ensuring the design is fresh and simple. Wooden kitchen cabinets are a fitting choice for your Scandinavian kitchen remodel.

You can add ornamental plants and Oriental rugs to give it a homier vibe. Hanging pendant lights and modern accessories can also seamlessly work with your wooden cabinets.

Recessed Panel Cabinets for your Minimalist Kitchen

Besides the raised panel, you can go for a recessed panel kitchen cabinet for your minimalist kitchen. It gives a subtle warmth to your kitchen while complementing the modern elements present.

We have different top kitchen cabinet ideas we can share with you for your minimalist kitchen. Our designers are trained and experienced in this field, so you can rely on our expertise.

Like the raised panel, this cabinet style can also work well with Victorian-style kitchen remodeling. This is another thing you can consider aside from having a minimalist theme.

Handle-free Cabinets for Minimalist Kitchen

How can you open your cabinets without handles? Well, there are grooves around the door profile where you can insert your finger and easily pull out the cabinet. Besides that, some work by lightly pushing the cabinet door, and then it opens back, so you can pull out the entire drawer.

This cabinet style gives a cleaner look to your kitchen. Pair that with muted colors, it’ll be perfect for your kitchen. 

You can also have a glossy finish for your handle-free cabinets. This improves the brightness of your kitchen without spending more on electricity.

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