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The village of Elk Grove can be found in the northeastern part of Illinois, in the same vicinity as O’Hare International Airport and the city of Chicago. The village is partly in DuPage County, but most of its area is in Cook County. The population as of 2014 was 33,379, with a racial mix of predominantly white (77.5%), Asian (10%), Hispanic (9.5%), and African American (1.4%).

Elk Grove Village today has a total are of 11.408 square miles, but the original area was bounded by Higgins Road (north), Landmeier Road (south), Arlington Heights Road (west), and Wildwood Road (east). It doubled in size sometime in the 1960s, and was almost fully developed by the end of that decade.

While there are certainly some elk in Elk Grove Village, mostly found in the east side of Busse Woods, the animal is not a native species. They were from Montana in the 1920s by one of the early settlers by the name of Busse. They small herd of elk that still live in the area are under the care and management of the wildlife biologists and veterinarians of the Chicago Zoological Society and the Busse Woods Forest Preserve.

The median household income in Elk Grove Village in 2015 was $70,511, higher than the state median of $59,588. And due mostly to jobs created by the business park adjacent to O’Hare. It houses more than 3,600 businesses in a 5.4 square mile area, the largest of its kind in North America. And accessible via the I-90, Elgin-O’Hare Expressway, and the I-290/I-355/Route 53. The largest single employer in Elg Grove Village, however, is the Alexian Brothers Medical Center, employing more than 2,200 workers.

Elk Grove Village is a community, incorporated as a township in 1957, and most of the house were built by the Centrex Corporation. The plan was to separate the residential from the industrial areas, which is why the industrial park is so large. Back in the day, however, the area was home to most German immigrant families and farmers, for whom many of the major streets’ names are. The last of these farmholds is Busse Farm. Which was once considered the site for the new stadium of the Chicago Bears.

Elk Grove Village have quite a few firsts under its belt. It was one of the first Illinois municipalities to ban smoking in public. It was also the first suburb in Chicago to use red light cameras, and the first in Illinois to inaugurate a Leed Gold Certified Village Hall.

Among the notable people associated with Elk Grove Village are The Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan and guitarist James Iha, singer Gloria Van, authors Dave Cullen and Jerry B. Jenkins, screenwriter Bill Kelly, actress Stephanie Faracy, and Chicago Blackhawks president John McDonough. It was also the birthplace of Steven Kazmierczak, who killed 5 and injured 17 people before killing himself in a shooting spree at Northern Illinois University in 2008.

Things to do in Elk Grove Village

If you aren’t looking for a job in Elk Grove Village, you can look forward to enjoying your stay with the many relaxing and fun activities available. One of these is the extensive running and biking trails in Busse Woods. Visited by more people than Yellowstone National Park.
You and your family or friends might also enjoy the amenities of Rainbow Falls Water Park, with its vortex pool, diving board, body slides, and lazy river. Small children can splash around as well in the tot pool. There is also the Pirates Cove theme park, featuring an authentic 18th century pirate ship. These has been serving children for more than a quarter century. Let your kids pretend to be King Arthur or Sir Lancelot in the Camel of Camelot, or a big game hunter on the Safari Express train ride. There are lots of activities to tire them out by the end of the day.

Golf enthusiasts flock to Elk Grove Village to tee off at the 18-hole, 124-acre Fox Run Golf Links. It is challenging enough to satisfy the most competitive of golfers. And the clubhouse is just the thing for holding golf-related events and outings.

New cabinets come to the rescue

The client was born and raised in the bungalow-style home in a quiet cul-de-sac. Which was built in 1960, and had raised her own family there. For sentimental reasons, she had kept the home pretty much the same as it always had been. But the old appliances and broken down cabinets in the kitchen finally made her decide to replace them all. And add new cabinets along the opposite wall, over the eat-in dining room for more storage. She called us for an estimate, and stressed that she wanted the same type of cabinets as the old ones.

Project issues

We fully appreciated that the client wanted to preserve the look of the home, where she had a very happy childhood. However, the old cabinets were actually quite old and did not really go very well with the rest of the home either. That style was also not available in RTA cabinets. So while it was possible to have it customized, it would be much more expensive. We explained this to the client as tactfully as possible, and suggested nice, flat paneled maple cabinets to match the floors instead, showed her how the kitchen would look with the new cabinets using our visualizer tool. Faced with major expenses for her new appliances, and admitting that the design we suggested looked pretty good. She accepted the RTA cabinets and asked us to deliver it asap, as the cabinets had to be installed before the new appliances arrived.

Post delivery

The cabinets arrived within three weeks, and after a thorough inspection, we delivered it to the client. A few weeks later, we followed up with the client on the status of her new cabinets. And she was extremely grateful for our suggestions on the cabinet style. She said she hardly recognized the kitchen, in a good way. And the additional storage also made life much easier for her.

Sentiments aside

We at Cabinets City understand that homeowners tend to dislike change when it comes to objects they associate with happy times, and occasionally this even extends to kitchen cabinets. We were able to convince the client to put sentiments aside to get a clearer look at the big picture. And to show her that better kitchen cabinets were a change for the better.

Kitchen cabinets are our specialty, and nobody does it better. If you need top-quality affordable cabinets in Illinois, we are the first suppliers you should call. We offer a NO OBLIGATION free estimate, so take advantage!

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Bayram Gulsen is the owner of Cabinets City. He always had this passion to redefine cabinetry to be at its best along with his dedicated team and the author of Cabinets City blog: You can find Bayram on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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