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Deciding on the right kitchen cabinet hardware can seem like an overwhelming process with all the great options out there. This also goes with which cabinet store you’d go. With so many kitchen cabinet hardware ideas you might be wondering where to start and where you need to end.

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Whether you plan on installing kitchen cabinet hardware on brand new cabinets or refurbishing your current set, there is a lot to learn about matching your style and design goals. Having modern kitchen cabinet hardware in your home can transform your space into something special.

To help you out in this, you can look for modern kitchen cabinet ideas and see which one would match with your preference. Moreover, reading this guide will get you ready to pick kitchen cabinet drawer hardware to make your dream kitchen come to life.

The Basics: Knobs Vs. Pulls

It’s important to have a perfect understanding of the fundamentals of kitchen cabinets hardware, such as knobs and pulls. To help you open the cabinet drawers and drawers you have three options:

  • Knobs – Smaller, usually rounded pieces of hardware that you can grip with your fingertips.
  • Pulls – Elongated pieces of hardware with space underneath that you can grip by placing your fingers under and around.
  • Hardwareless – Some might prefer kitchen cabinets with no hardware that you can open by touching a groove on the bottom of the door or by pushing and activating a spring loaded hinge.

These kitchen cabinet hardware options are not just functional, they often play a small but critical role in the design of the kitchen. Choosing between these options for your kitchen cabinet hardware will make a statement in your kitchen.

All About Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Knobs have a lower profile and can be used as kitchen cabinet drawer or door hardware. Traditionally, it is thought that knobs are easier for opening doors and more difficult for opening drawers. 

There are various types of kitchen cabinet knobs to choose from that you might find new or in a vintage shop. The types of knobs you can choose from are:

  • Dish knob – this type has a round, coin like dish at the tip and a sturdy cylindrical base below.
  • Fairview crystal knob – this type has a metallic base and a rounded crystal orb to grab onto.
  • Radcliffe knob – this type is taller with a thin section at the base that tapers out to a wider tip.
  • Knurled knob – this type is a perfect cylinder with a textured ring to give you grip.
  • Mid-century knob – this type has a thin base, then a wide cylinder tip capped with an indented disc.
  • Ruth knob – this type has a thin base and a ball grip.
  • Summit knob – this type is made from a small cuboid base with a larger cuboid grip.
  • Hex knob – this type has a slender cylinder base with a hexagon shaped tip.
  • Riverwood knob – this type has a thin cylinder base with a wide cylinder grip.

Knobs might be easier for installation and kitchen cabinet hardware placement because you only need one screw hole to attach them. When choosing knobs, you want to make sure that their diameter is not greater than the width of the framing on the kitchen cabinets.

All About Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

On the other hand, pulls take up more space than knobs, but also offer more stability for gripping and opening doors or drawers. Pulls tend to compliment kitchen cabinets more because of their linear shape. If you have a budget for a kitchen remodel, then make sure that you also consider these pulls as well. 

Many kinds of kitchen cabinet pulls exist for you to complete your kitchen cabinet design. The different types of kitchen cabinet pulls you might find are:

  • Pacific pull – this kind is made from two thin cylinders for the base and a larger cylinder for the grip.
  • Card file pull – this kind has a rectangle base and a thin leaf that extends out and over that you can slip your fingers under to grip.
  • Midvale pull – this kind has a rectangular base that tapers in, then widens at the grip with no hole to put your finger around.
  • Talbot pull – this kind has two cylinders for the attachment to the cabinet face with an elongated cylinder of the same diameter for the grip.
  • Edgecliff pull – this type has a rectangular prism attachment to the cabinet face that takes a 90 degree angle and connects as a solid prism to the other attachment.
  • Alberta pull – this kind has a thick rectangular prism on one edge to attach to the cabinet face, a rectangular prism that connects to another, thinner rectangular prism attachment.
  • Ledge pull – this type has a rectangular base that has a leaf coming off of it at a 90 degree angle that you can fit your fingers under, but not all the way around.

Kitchen cabinet pulls are more expensive than knobs, so you might consider that when choosing which ones to use in your home. If replacing old kitchen cabinet pulls, make sure they cover the old screw holes or have a base that can do that effectively.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Finishes

Almost equally as important as the style of knobs or pulls you choose, the finish brings color that can compliment or contrast with your kitchen design. There are also many kitchen cabinet color ideas that you should be aware about. Some of the things you want to consider when choosing the right kitchen cabinet hardware finish are:

  • What color are your cabinets? 
  • What colors and finishes are you using for your appliances, faucets?
  • What is the lighting like in your kitchen and how will that affect the hardware finish appearance?

If you want a more vintage or classic kitchen cabinet design, you might want to choose warmer tones like golden brass. For a contemporary feeling kitchen, you might choose cooler tones like silver or even black. You don’t have to be afraid to mix metals either, as this can bring some charm to your kitchen.

Metals aren’t your only options either, you could choose a ceramic cabinet knob, or even a wooden cabinet pull. There are so many options, and you just have to find a set that matches your personality and feels comfortable to you. Check out kitchen remodeling ideas and see which one you’d like best!

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