5 Creative Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas In Mount Prospect, IL

There are many wonderful parts of a kitchen, and one of the most important aspects is the kitchen cabinets. When you are coming up with a kitchen cabinet design, you need to think of all the features of your space and how they will work together. Finding the right cabinet store also matters in this regard.

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With so many amazing breakthroughs in modern kitchen cabinet design, this is an exciting time to be thinking about this important step for your home. You have a perfect opportunity to have a creative kitchen with a simple kitchen cabinet design.

For this blog post, our experts will share their five favorite modern kitchen cabinet design ideas that will inspire you to make your space unique. This article will give you all the tools to complete a creative kitchen cabinet design that shows off your style and personality.

A Kitchen Cabinet Layout Design That Fits Your Needs

When our designers meet with a homeowner about their kitchen cabinets, they can never stress enough that the layout must fit your needs. You must think about how you will use your kitchen cabinets and how they fit in with the other parts of the room in order for the creativity to come alive.

All kitchens are different and everyone uses their cabinets in different ways. Some questions you might want to ask yourself about your needs include:

  • Where are the workstations in the kitchen and how can the kitchen cabinets help with the flow between stations?
  • What items do you need to store and where would it be most convenient to keep them?
  • How will the kitchen cabinet layout design interact with the windows in the space?
  • How high will you be comfortable reaching on a regular basis?
  • Do you have unique items that need a special size drawer, door, or shelf?

Your kitchen cabinet layout design needs to be creative in that it fits your cooking style and the items you use on a regular basis. Having all of these questions in mind before you meet with a kitchen cabinet design team will make you prepared to make the smartest decisions. If you need help for this one, 

White and Wood Cabinet Kitchen Design

A white kitchen can be extremely beautiful, but you always run the risk of the space feeling too sterile or cold. One way to fix that problem is to have wood kitchen cabinets that bring in warmth and softness that balance the space out. 

With a white kitchen that features white walls and countertops, you can choose to have just the upper kitchen cabinets wooden, or both upper and lower in that form. A great look can be to have the upper cabinets a beautiful natural wood, with the lower cabinets painted white to aid in the white kitchen.

There are many kinds of wood that are great for kitchen cabinets in a white kitchen. You can choose solid wood or veneer from a multitude of species, including:

  • Red Oak – this is a more traditional look with its uniform grain and warming light brown with hints of red or pinkish tones.
  • Walnut – this wood species tends to be darker and brown colored if you want a more dramatic contrast with your white kitchen.
  • Cherry – this species is often considered one of the most beautiful with its light sapwood with reddish heartwood that will darken with maturity.
  • Maple – this species is one of the warmest woods and has a beautiful tan glow with tight grains.
  • Hickory – this type of wood has more of a leathery appearance and can have lighter and darker parts to the board.

Flat Kitchen Cabinets With Subway Tile Backsplash 

Choosing flat kitchen cabinets as part of your design gives you a sleek and modern look, while the subway tile backsplash adds some texture to the space. This is a creative combination that you will love in your kitchen for many years to come.

You want to pay attention to the grout you choose to have with your subway tiles so that you can create the right mood with your kitchen cabinets. The grout could match the rest of the color in the kitchen, or you could choose a contrasting color that will emphasize the lines and texture.

With your flat cabinets, it is best to go with no handles or pulls, especially on the upper doors to keep that minimalistic appearance forward. This helps to put the textured focus completely on the subway tiles and it keeps the whole kitchen in a tight package.

Pick An Unexpected Color For The Kitchen Cabinets

While kitchen cabinets can often stay in the background of the space, giving them a bold and unexpected color can make them a unique centerpiece. Also, consider glossy paint that will help them shine under your kitchen lights and resist stains.

When you go with a bold kitchen cabinet color, you might want to leave the base color of the space white to help the cabinets pop. Some of the unexpected colors you might choose for your kitchen cabinets are:

  • Cobalt Blue – this color is elegant, and also will make you feel like you are in a creative kitchen.
  • Tangerine Orange – this color will bring a lot of sunny feelings to the space.
  • Barbie Pink – this color can take on surprising shades depending on the lighting in your kitchen.

Obviously, there are thousands of bold colors you might choose that will make your creative kitchen cabinet design come to life. If you’re into bringing colors in your kitchen, there are amazing kitchen cabinet color ideas that you can surely try. You also want to think of the hardware you put on your kitchen cabinets and how that will interact with the color. Take a look at different ideas for kitchen remodeling, and you’ll see a lot of inspiring designs. 

Chalkboard Paint On Your Kitchen Cabinets Lets You Be Creative Anytime!

Black kitchen cabinets are in, and you can take it a step further and use chalkboard paint on your kitchen cabinets. With this paint, you can keep some pieces of chalk around and let your family or guests go wild by changing up the space each day. 

You’ll never get tired of writing notes to yourself or others or making beautiful and ephemeral doodles that will keep your brain active. If you tend to get bored in space after a few years, chalkboard paint will help you keep your kitchen cabinets fresh forever. Do your research and start looking for trendy ideas for kitchen remodeling that will give you cabinet designs you’ll love. 

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