How To Get A Custom-Look Kitchen Using Stock Cabinets

How To Get A Custom-Look Kitchen Using Stock Cabinets

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Your kitchen and bathroom are one of the most costly parts of your home to remodel. However, renovating its current design will definitely spruce up its aesthetics and value.

Aside from your stone countertops, your custom-made cabinets are one of the focal points in your kitchen and bath. Oftentimes, custom cabinet prices come quite costly, if you want to save more, you need to have it done from stock cabinets.

Today, we are going to guide you in transforming your stock cabinets into affordable custom cabinets for your kitchen makeover.

Why Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinets come at a more affordable price compared to creating custom-made cabinets from scratch. These are available in most big box stores and other cabinet suppliers. Typically, it is made from medium fiberboard and laminates.

They are most sought-after by homeowners because of their ready-made design and low price. Despite its bare look, we can still find ways to spruce it up to become elegant and attractive for your kitchen and bathroom redo.

Tips Customizing Stock Cabinets

Once you have your stock cabinets with you, read these tips so you have a better insight on how to spice up the curb appeal of your stock cabinets.

Make it Look Bigger and Taller with Crown Molding

Installing crown moldings for your stock cabinets can make a difference. It provides a classic look and you can choose light colors to strike a modern feel. You can have two pieces of crown molding for this project, and have your stock cabinets reach the ceiling to appear taller.

Choose Your Cabinet Style

There are different cabinet styles you can adapt in sprucing up the design of your stock cabinets. These designs include paneled, raised, flat, or shaker style stock cabinets. Oftentimes, homeowners would go for paneled and shaker style for renovating their stock cabinets.

Paint It Up

Once you have chosen your cabinet style, the next thing you can do is paint it with the best color. For a contemporary feel, you can have white, gray, or any neutral colors. Meanwhile, for a more nostalgic ambiance, getting a rustic or tan-brown color for your affordable custom cabinets is a good choice.

If you have a small kitchen or bathroom, then go for white stock cabinets because it makes your room appear spacious. Likewise, installing lights underneath your cabinetry boosts its brightness and airy feeling.

Add Organizers Inside Your Stock Cabinets

Do not forget the main function of your cabinets, that is, storing your cooking utensils and other materials. To avoid clutter inside your semi-custom cabinets, we can install simple organizers or dividers inside it to keep order in your storage space.


We provide affordable custom cabinets with complete finish and overlay of your desired cabinet style. We are known as well in creating a seamless one-door cabinet with customized coats of paint and finishes.

We only use high-quality wood and wood-based materials for the construction of these kitchen and bathroom cabinets. If you want to save on the cost of custom cabinets, you can turn to us today.

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