How Much Do Kitchen Base Cabinets Cost?

How Much Do Kitchen Base Cabinets Cost

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Base cabinets are the ones underneath your stone countertops which both serves as storage of cooking utensils and aesthetics of your kitchen. In your kitchen remodeling, if your base cabinets are already worn and old, then try considering replacing it with a stronger one.

We will give you some tips and insights on how to save on your base cabinets. We are going to tackle some of the typical materials, its pros and cons, and the cost of installing base cabinets in your kitchen Reno.

Is it ideal to have a new sink base cabinet?

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, countertops and kitchen base cabinets are the tough items to settle. Why? Because most homeowners would be torn into price and functionality. Nevertheless, a base cabinet definitely affects the curb appeal in your kitchen.

Benefits of Base Cabinets

Whether you are planning to sell your house or not, renovating your kitchen base cabinets is a great choice. Why? First off, you are able to customize the storage facility inside your kitchen. Second, a new base kitchen surely spruces up the aesthetics of your entire kitchen.

Meanwhile, if you are planning on selling your house in the next one or two years, potential buyers are more likely to purchase your property if they see your kitchen is well-updated. By that, we include a makeover with your sink base cabinet.

Setbacks of Base Cabinets

For homeowners who are on a stringent budget, renovating your sink base or island base cabinets would entail a sufficient investment. In most houses, a base cabinet is around 25 linear feet, and it would approximately cost $330 per linear feet.

When you plan to update or replace your old base cabinets, you will also be forced to renovate your top kitchen cabinetry. This is oftentimes inevitable because the pattern and color of your new sink base cabinets might not pair up with your existing upper cabinetry.

Despite the added cost of remodeling your island cabinet base, still plenty of our customers are doing this because of its substantial return on investment which is parallel to its overall installed cost.

What are the types of kitchen base cabinets?

Like the majority of suppliers, we supply four main types of kitchen base cabinets: ready-to-assemble (RTA), stock, semi-custom, and custom base cabinets.

Ready-to-Assemble (RTA)

These types are the most economical and the best candidate for your budgeted kitchen base remodeling. Price is usually directly related with quality, so you can never expect too much from RTA kitchen base cabinets.

These types are usually made from medium-density fiberboard, laminates, and particle boards. Likewise, RTAs are commonly considered as DIY installing base cabinets, but we still recommend you call a professional to avoid any mistakes with measurement and installation.

Stock Base Cabinets

These types have better quality and designs than RTAs and must be made on the spot by our professional cabinet fabricator and installer. It is still made from MDF, laminates, and particleboard. You can also see some of our island cabinet base made from solid wood.

Semi-custom and Customized Base Cabinets

Meanwhile, if you do not mind paying an extra cash to get your desired design, material, and size of kitchen base cabinet, then a semi-custom or fully customized sink base cabinet is a great choice.

These types have better durability, functionality, and aesthetics than the previous types of kitchen base cabinets. Our seasoned professionals can totally help you out from material selection, measurement, design, and installing base cabinets. 

What are the approximate costs of kitchen base cabinets?

The price of your island cabinet base depends on certain criteria like material, size, customization, and labor cost. On average, the cost for fabricating and installing new base cabinets is around $325 per linear feet, which ranges from $250 to $400 per linear feet.

We can further breakdown its cost into two: material and labor cost. For a kitchen base cabinet, material cost is between $200 to $600. Meanwhile, labor costs fall between $60 to $300. Overall, your expected average cost for constructing and installing a kitchen base cabinet is between $110 to $250 per square foot.

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