Guide On Choosing The Best Type Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Finding the perfect kitchen cabinet handles can transform the entire atmosphere of your home. It might seem challenging to sort through all the kitchen cabinet handles ideas out there, but it is worth it to put in some effort and get the best ones.

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Choosing between kitchen cabinet pulls and handles is another question you might have when getting your home renovated or refreshed. For the most part, cabinet handles in the kitchen are more versatile, and pulls only go on hinged doors.

To help you decide on the best kitchen cabinet door handles, our experts will share their opinions in this blog post. You can learn everything you need to about modern kitchen cabinet handles so that your home can look amazing.

Black Kitchen Cabinet Handles

One of the most surprising looks you can choose with kitchen cabinet handles is to go black. This is a great way to add some contrast to a white kitchen, but goes well with almost any color scheme that you decide upon.

There are several options for black kitchen cabinet handles, each bringing its own charm to your space. Some of the different choices available for black cabinet handles include:

  • Matte black – this finish is easy to keep clean and can have a striking appearance in some kitchens.
  • Rubbed bronze – for this finish you get a black look from afar, but the color can morph to green or grayish when you get closer or look from another angle.
  • Glossy black – if you prefer a more shiny looking black handle, this is the choice for you.

Something to consider about black kitchen cabinet handles is that they will normally stand out in a space. That is the nature of black, and you must be sure that you want the look when you choose this color for kitchen cabinet handles.

Gold Kitchen Cabinet Handles

When you want your kitchen to have that classic look, there is no better choice for cabinet handles than golden. A simple truth about the color gold is that it has always been associated with luxury and the finer things in life.

This color is especially helpful if you want to add some warmth to your kitchen, which is necessary in some white or gray kitchens. A modern kitchen can have a sterile feeling if you don’t add some more cozy colors like gold.

On the other hand, you might want to add golden kitchen cabinet handles to a black kitchen, which really adds some sunny happiness to that color scheme. A black and gold kitchen is a force to be reckoned with, and many homeowners make it work well in their kitchen.

Different Kitchen Cabinet Handles Finishes

The finish of your kitchen cabinet handles is just as important as the color and material they are made from. Above all, you want to make sure your kitchen cabinet handles have a high quality finish that will last for many years.

A painted on finish is cheap and might look great when it’s new, but it can wear off from the many hands that will grab and pull on it. The best idea for a kitchen cabinet handle finish is electroplated, which will last through wear and tear without problems.

Electroplated Kitchen Cabinet Handles

For those who don’t know, electroplating is the process of passing a current of electricity through the metal. Afterwards, the surface bonds onto the metal of the kitchen cabinet handle, and it becomes more like a single piece than two parts.

This results in a finish that will never wear off, fade or be scratched away. Electroplated kitchen cabinets can keep their look for many decades, and often come with a 10 year or more guarantee.

Micronized Polish For Kitchen Cabinet Handles

The highest quality of polishing metals is micronized. This involves many steps of finer and finer grit polished to achieve an ultra smooth surface to apply finishes to. The result is a better finish that won’t be easy to get off.

Micronizing is the best way to prevent corrosion in metals because it gets rid of micro-pores that trap moisture. In the end, a micronized kitchen cabinet handle will last much longer than any other types, but it comes at a significant cost. 

Which Material To Choose

There are many options for kitchen cabinet handle materials out there. Many people think of metal for their kitchen cabinet handles, but some other materials that may not be on your radar include:

  • Plastic- for a budget options, plastic does its job, but it may not last long.
  • Wood- wooden kitchen cabinet handles can be a great option to bring a softer look.
  • Stone- a stone handle would have a colder feeling to the touch.
  • Glass- this is a great way to add some elegance, but it may be more fragile.

Of course, most people will still choose metal for their kitchen cabinet handles. You then might need to decide if you want to have bare metal, or go with some sort of finish.

Different Kitchen Cabinet Handle Styles

Certainly, one of the most noticeable things about kitchen cabinet handles is their style. You can choose a slim and almost invisible handle, or have a more ornate and decorative handle.

With all of the different kitchen cabinets handle styles to choose from, it might seem like a hard choice. A quick breakdown of the types of kitchen cabinet handle styles can be helpful. 

Some of the kitchen cabinet handles styles are:

Knobs For Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Knobs come in all different shapes and sizes. They are often round, but really you can choose any shape that you like.

Upper cabinet doors and sometimes lower doors are a great spot for knobs. They don’t give so much grip for opening sliding drawers.

Pulls For Kitchen Cabinet Handles

This type of handle allows you to get a better grip because you can put your fingers around them. They often have two attachment points, but could be found in a single attachment point if you need that.

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