Pro Remodeling Tips And Ideas On Future-Proofing Your Family Bathroom

Doing a family bathroom remodeling project gets your home ready for years of getting clean together and eliminating waste. When you are remodeling a bathroom with your growing family in mind, you want to be sure it will be safe and functional for many ages and changes.

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A bathroom makeover is often a necessary part of ensuring your family has the right environment to grow and thrive. The best bathroom remodeling project you can do for your family will be appropriate for growing children, but also fulfill the needs of grown ups.

To help you with your family bathroom remodeling project, our professionals have created this post with ideas that will future proof your home. These easy bathroom remodeling tips can be done by anyone and will make your home amazing for decades to come.

Floor Plans For Family Bathroom Remodeling

One of the first elements you should look at is the floor plan of your bathroom and decide if you would like to change it at all. There are many things to consider when designing a bathroom floor plan with families in mind.

You can even think about if the size of your bathroom will be appropriate for a growing family and if you might want to expand it. If you think you might have multiple family members using the bathroom at the same time, you might want to find a way to make it bigger.

Do be aware that changes you make to the floor plan of an existing bathroom could make your bathroom remodeling project cost more than if you leave it the same size and the same location of the fixtures. But oftentimes there is no escaping needing to expand your bathroom when you have a growing family.

The Right Flooring Will Keep Your Family Safe

You want to pay close attention to the type of bathroom flooring you choose as part of your bathroom makeover. Slippery floors are a health hazard and bathrooms are prone to having wet floors that could become dangerous.

Most people want tile flooring in their bathroom because it is such a durable and beautiful surface. The problem is that the tile is so smooth that it can become slippery when it is wet. Luckily, there are non-slip tile options that you can choose for your family bathroom remodeling project.

Another option that you might consider is non-slip vinyl flooring for your bathroom makeover. Non-slip vinyl comes in many different looks and colors to be a perfect fit in your bathroom remodeling project in your family home.

Shower Heads Make Bathing Easy For The Whole Family

The shower head might be low on the priority list of your family bathroom remodeling project, but it can really help everyone get clean in a comfortable way. There are several things you want to think about for your shower head to make it the best possible.

A height adjustable shower head means that you can choose the best height to make anyone feel like they can get clean in comfort. With an adjustable height shower head you can put the stream of water at the best angle for every member of the family, and change it as little ones grow.

There are also shower heads with multiple heads for water to come out of, which is another way to be inclusive in the bathroom. Having options for your shower head really makes your family bathroom remodeling project more accessible to everyone.

Add Bathroom Remodeling Features That Make Life Easy

Life with a family can seem hectic at times, and you want your bathroom to be as easy to maintain as possible. Spending less time on bathroom chores means more meaningful time with the ones you love.

There are many features you can add to your bathroom that make it easier to deal with and more convenient to own. Some of the features you might consider that will make your life easy include:

  • Heated Towel Drying Rack – A heated rack for your wet towels to sit on after you use them helps them dry out fast. This means they need to be washed less often and are always comfortable when you want to get dry.
  • Floating Vanity – A floating bathroom vanity gives you a place for your sink and storage, and is super easy to clean underneath. You won’t have to worry about dirt and grime getting caught in a weird corner with a floating vanity.
  • Touchless Toilet – New toilets open when you approach, then close and flush themselves when you are done. This makes your bathroom extra germ-free and safe for all of your family.

These are just some of the ways that you can make your bathroom much easier to use. There are tons of other ideas out there to choose from, and you can pick the best ones to make your life as easy as it can be.

Ventilation Helps A Bathroom Last Longer

You might not think of your bathroom’s ventilation system all that often, but it is a critical component that will help all the parts of your bathroom last longer. When air is trapped in your steamy bathroom, it can damage items and make it easier for mold and germs to grow.

Ventilation systems carry the hot and humid air out of your bathroom so that it doesn’t have a chance to do any damage. If you notice any black spots on the walls of your bathroom, or even unpleasant odors, you definitely need to upgrade your ventilation system. 

Most people have a fan installed inside of the ceiling that pushes the moist air through some ducting and outside of the home. This can be installed as part of your bathroom remodeling project and will really improve your families quality of life.

The Details Matter In Your Bathroom Makeover

Whether you are doing a tear down and rebuild or just upgrading some fixtures, your family is going to love having a fresh new bathroom. Put your energy into the parts of your bathroom your family enjoys most, and you are sure to end up with a bathroom your family will enjoy for years.

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