Top Cabinets Hinges Ideas In Naperville, IL Perfect For Your Kitchen Style

If you’re considering upgrading or selecting new cabinet hinges, you have a lot of options to wade through to find the best ones for your style. With so many hinges for kitchen cabinets in Naperville, IL to choose from, you might feel your head spinning a little.

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When you wade through all of the cabinet hinge ideas in Naperville, IL, always keep in mind your personality and what looks best to you. The task of replacing hinges on kitchen cabinets should be approached with care and a strong sense of identity. This actually goes the same when you’re choosing your cabinet knobs and pulls.

To help you decide on the best hinges for cabinets, our interior design experts will share everything they know about kitchen cabinet hinge ideas in Naperville, IL in this blog post. This knowledge will allow you to revamp your old hinges for cabinets so you can love them again!

Concealed Hinges For Cabinets

If you are the type of person who likes that ultra-sleek, modern kitchen cabinet ideas, concealed hinges could be the choice for you. With concealed hinges, you don’t see them from the outside, as they attach to the inner door of the cabinet and the box.

You might also hear of concealed hinges for cabinets being called cup hinges, or European hinges. There are three main types of concealed hinges to choose from, including:

  1. Bi-Fold Concealed Hinges – these are used in double doors of L-shaped corner kitchen cabinets.
  2. Blind Corner Concealed Hinges – these are used in inside corner cabinets flushed with the door with a side panel inline.
  3. Corner Concealed Hinge – these are used on the outside corner of cabinets.

Some folks find that cabinet hinges look messy in their space, so a concealed cabinet hinge is a perfect option. These cabinet hinges do their job without showing the outside world that they are there.

Soft Close Hinges For Cabinets

When going for your preferred idea of kitchen remodeling, a great way to make your kitchen more comfortable and safe is with soft close hinges for your cabinets. They have pistons on them that stop cabinet doors from slamming and making a loud noise or even damaging the cabinets.

You can get soft close hinges for cabinets in several different styles to match the look you want in your kitchen. They are also designed as concealed hinges, so you don’t need to see some hardware on the outside of your cabinets.

This type of cabinet hinge is a perfect option if you worry about your children or others slamming cabinet doors. They could also prevent injury if someone accidentally had their fingers in the door when it slammed.

Snap Closing Hinges

This hinge type helps to keep your cabinet doors closed at all times with a tighter seal to keep your dishware protected. While soft close hinges close in a gentle manner, snap close hinges close more abruptly, but don’t slam.

If you are someone that hates seeing cabinet doors ajar, snap closing hinges will prevent that from ever happening. They stay closed because of a spring action inside of the hinge that puts pressure on the door to be shut.

These types of cabinet hinges are concealed hinges, so you won’t see them when the cabinet door is closed. That fact makes them a great fit for many modern kitchen designs that want a sleek looking cabinet door.

Semi- Concealed Cabinet Hinges

Part of a semi-concealed cabinet hinge can be seen when the door is closed, while the rest is behind the door. Normally, in semi-concealed hinges you can see the knuckle and the pin of the hinge where it attaches to the cabinet frame. 

A semi-concealed hinge can come in a self-closing option if that is an interesting feature for you. One thing to note about semi-concealed hinges is that they only fit on overlay doors or ⅜ inch inset cabinet doors.

The great advantage of semi-concealed hinges is that you can use the visible portion as a stylistic feature in your space. There are many designs of semi-concealed hinges to choose from that could improve the look and feel of your kitchen or other space with cabinets.

Exposed Cabinet Hinges

With exposed hinges, you have the opportunity to show off a stylized hinge that lets everyone know the working of your cabinet doors. There are an array of styles and finishes to choose from with exposed hinges that can be the perfect detail to complete your design goals.

Exposed hinges are often featured on vintage style or traditional American style cabinets because they seem less modern than concealed hinges. Some of the styles you might choose from for exposed cabinet hinges are:

  • Strap hinges – these give a great rustic feeling to your cabinets.
  • Offset hinges – these wrap around the front of the cabinet door and let you show off different designs.
  • H-Mount hinges – these have two sides with a knuckle and pin between which forms an H shape.
  • Butt hinges – these are usually used on doors, and have two equal sized leaves with a knuckle and pin between.

These days, most folks opt for the modern concealed hinges, but if you want a more traditional style cabinet, exposed hinges are perfect. You can choose a style that fits your personality and that you will enjoy looking at for years. 

Demountable Cabinet Hinges

This cabinet hinge type is a great option for kitchens because you can take the door off without having to unscrew anything. This feature really comes in handy if you do a lot of cooking and need to clean your cabinet doors often.

Another time you might be glad you used demountable hinges is when you decide to change up the look of your space and you want to paint the cabinet doors. You can just slip them off and have easy access to painting the doors.

Types Of Cabinets And Hinges

One big factor with choosing the right hinge for your cabinets is to match it with your cabinet type. Be sure you consult with your cabinet design team about the cabinets and  cabinet door types you have and if your preferred hinges will work.

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