Reasons Why Blue Kitchen Cabinet Designs Are Good For You

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If you are thinking about blue kitchen cabinets to add to your kitchen design, there are a ton of great reasons to make the choice. A kitchen with blue cabinets can have many different styles and show off your unique personality.

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When you include blue color kitchen cabinets you might be aiming for a breezy feeling kitchen, or a more sultry atmosphere with modern navy blue kitchen cabinets. A blue cabinet kitchen can be many things, and that is why so many people love this style.

To help you make the right decision about your interior design, our experts will share their best blue kitchen cabinets ideas that will inspire you. This blog post will explore all the shades of kitchen cabinets, from light blue kitchen cabinets to navy blue kitchen cabinets.

What Can Blue Kitchen Cabinets Do For My Kitchen?

You have so many options with blue kitchen cabinets, the better question might be “what can’t blue kitchen cabinets do?” You can make your kitchen look and feel almost any way that you want when you decide to have blue kitchen cabinets.

When you start painting kitchen cabinets blue, this might make you think about the sky up above you, and so you can make your kitchen like a bright summer day. This is a great style to uplift your mood and make you feel amazing no matter the season.

On the other hand, you might want to give your kitchen a more moody and dramatic feel, which you can do with darker shades of blue. Then you can have a more sophisticated appearance in your kitchen that can be appreciated for its serious take on life.

Color Pairing With Blue Kitchen Cabinets

When you have blue kitchen cabinets, the rest of the colors in your kitchen will have a critical role in setting the scene in your space. Create exactly the atmosphere you want by pairing your blue kitchen cabinets with the right supporting colors.

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets With White Walls

Having light blue cabinets with white walls will certainly create a light and airy atmosphere. This is the color scheme that is most likely to remind you of a sky with beautiful puffy white clouds to enjoy.

This is certainly a way of creating a relaxing kitchen where you can take it easy while you prepare your favorite meals. Having lots of big windows in a light blue and white kitchen will add to the feeling of a peaceful sky.

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets With Gray Walls

For a more cozy atmosphere, try some navy blue kitchen cabinets surrounded by light gray walls. This almost makes a stormy day at the beach feeling, but it will take on different looks depending on the light and your personal mood.

Some might call this color combination stoic because it doesn’t give away much and lets your imagination take over. You might try this color scheme if you like having a different perspective each time that you enter your kitchen.

Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Subway Tile Backsplash

For this color combination, it’s not only about the dark blue and white, it’s also going to be affected by the texture of the subway tiles. This motif creates more of a feast for the eyes that will never get bored with looking at the colors and textures.

Another element you can add to this is golden fixtures like a faucet or cabinet handles. Add a touch of gold here and you get a warmer and more inviting atmosphere to enjoy and share with others.

Royal Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Creamy Backdrops

Sure, there are many kitchen cabinet color ideas you can choose from. However, why don’t you try the royal blue color? It is often an overlooked shade of blue. It may have been out of style for a few years, but is now ready for a comeback. Pair your royal blue kitchen cabinets with creamy colored walls and  you will be sure to enjoy your kitchen for years to come.

This type of kitchen with blue cabinets creates a softer mood that can be an escape from the hectic outside world. This color combination is sure to make you feel hungry for the yummy food that comes out of your kitchen

Gray Blue with White Countertops

You also need to pay close attention to the color of your countertops when planning out a kitchen with blue kitchen cabinets. White marble countertops look incredible and help balance out a kitchen with gray blue kitchen cabinets.

A kitchen island with a white stone countertop looks especially amazing surrounded by some elegant gray blue kitchen cabinets. You can make your island so functional in your kitchen this way, whether it is used for dining or just some extra space for chopping vegetables.

With such, you can always check for the latest and most trendy kitchen remodeling ideas and apply hem on beautifying your kitchen space. 

The Type Of Blue Kitchen Cabinets Makes An Impact

When you want to choose blue kitchen cabinets, you also have to consider the cabinet doors and how they will work with a blue coat of paint. This is an essential idea of kitchen remodeling. Some doors might take different shades of blue differently depending on if they cast shadows or not. 

A traditional kitchen might choose to go with some shaker cabinets, which have a frame around a recessed center panel. When painting your cabinets blue, you get different shading near the edges of the frame, so you might consider darker and richer shades of blue for shaker cabinets.

If you want to have light blue kitchen cabinets, you might decide to have cathedral cabinet doors. They have an arch on top of their raised center panel, and this makes a light blue shade for the cabinets work a little better.

Consider Your Appliances

If you have appliances that you want to keep using, or you want to purchase new ones, you must coordinate them with your blue kitchen cabinets. This is why blue kitchen cabinets are such an energizing color to choose.

Stainless steel appliances look great with navy blue kitchen cabinets, while white appliances go better with a lighter shade of blue. Some designers are choosing to pair black iron appliances with different shades of blue, as the more important element could be the wall color in this case.

You can always achieve the kitchen of your dreams, whatever it may be. What’s important is maintaining everything in your kitchen at pristine condition, as working in a cluttered kitchen space can be quite stressful. Good thing is, there are maid services available, and you can always get them in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness in your kitchen. 

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