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You can take the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink” in one of two ways: packing too heavily or making decisions about kitchen remodeling.  Most people acknowledge that a kitchen sink is essential in function, but seldom give much thought to its form. However, since it is such an important part of the kitchen, you should give the style and design of the sink much more thought than you might have intended. Here is a quick rundown of the basic sink options you have for kitchen remodeling.

Drop-in sink

drop-in sink

A drop-in sink is the most common, and usually the least attractive of kitchen sink types. You have probably lived in or visited many homes with one of these sinks in the kitchen.

 Other terms from this include the rimmed or top-mounted sink, but “drop-in” is probably the most descriptive term as you literally drop it in during installation. The rim that surrounds the edges rests on the edges of the sink cutout and provides the support you need.   

This makes a drop-in sink a good DIY project provided you have a sink cutout all ready and does not require special equipment. You simply secure it to the countertop with silicone and you are good to go. It is also the most affordable of sink types.

The problem with a drop-in sink is a mild but persistent one. Since it has a rim all around it that supports the entire thing, a portion of the sink sits higher than the countertop. The difference in height might cause water, food, and other debris to collect along the rim, making it a nuisance to clean. The rim also breaks up the visual line of the countertop, which is not a good thing if you want a sleek look.

Undermounted sink

undermounted sink with granite counter

Undermounted sinks are not as popular as drop—in sinks, but they are gaining traction with many homeowners today. In contrast to drop-in sinks, you will not see any part of the undermounted sink sticking out of the cutout, which makes it visually pleasing. As the name implies, undermounted sinks attach to the underside of the stone around the cutout with special clips.

The absence of a rim means you have an uninterrupted line from the countertop to the sink. There are no speed bumps to interrupt visual or physical progress, which also means no accumulated gunk around the sink.

However, it is not all roses with undermounted sinks. Because the sink does not have rim, the cutout must be very precise so that the sink will fit perfectly. You will also need support for the sink in addition to the clips to secure the sink more firmly and prevent it from falling off. This implies a skilled and experienced fabricator and installer.

Single-basin sink

farmhouse sink

Large and deep single-basin sinks such as farmhouse are becoming more popular today. They are space savers and can handle large items such as stock pots and woks. They are easy to use, especially for homeowners that regularly host large parties or prepare large meals.

One possible drawback with a single-basin sink is the lack of a drying area, particularly if you have limited countertop space. You can solve this by designating one cabinet or drawer as a drying area, or installing an over-the-sink drying  rack.  If you have some space, you can opt for a drainboard sink.

Drainboard sink

drainboard sink

A drainboard sink is simply a sink that has an attached drainboard, typically made of the same material as the sink itself. The advantage of this type of sink is that the design allows for easy drainage.

However, a drainboard sink is usually a modified version of a drop-in sink. While the fabricator will make a cutout that will accommodate the drainboard part, the sink unit still has a rim. This poses the same visual and practical problems as a regular drop-in sink mentioned previously.  Drainboard sinks also tend to be small, which can restrict the size of the items you can comfortably wash in them.

Double-basin sink

double basin sink

Double-basin sinks is the last of the basic kitchen sink types you can consider for kitchen remodeling. These are typically two-sink units, which can be equal in size or with one large and one small sink. In most cases, homeowners dedicate one sink for washing dishes and one for rinsing and food prep.

The problem with a double-basin sink is size. They tend to be on the small side, so large items are an issue. Two sinks are also largely unnecessary today, as most people prefer to use dishwashers instead of handwashing whenever possible.


The kitchen sink is an essential feature, so it should be one of the most important decisions you make during kitchen remodeling. Many variations are available, but these are basic types that can help you narrow your choices. If you are having difficulty in making that decision, you can ask advice from your contractor.

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