5 Benefits Of Having Tall Bathroom Cabinets

There are many things to be admired about tall bathroom cabinets. Including bathroom tall cabinets in your plans gives you plenty of options to create a space you love.

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Sometimes, you might need bathroom vanities with tall cabinets to fit your space just right. Or you could choose tall bathroom wall cabinets that can hold all the items you need 

To help you pick the best tall bathroom vanity cabinets, our experts have created this helpful guide packed full of insider secrets. Reading this will ensure you have the knowledge to plan out the most amazing tall cabinets for your bathroom.

Freestanding Tall Bathroom Cabinets Give You Flexibility

For those of you who want a simple bathroom makeover that you can change around later, freestanding cabinets are a perfect choice. With freestanding tall bathroom cabinets, you get all of the storage you need, but you still have the flexibility to move the cabinet if you decide to change your layout.

There are some great styles of freestanding tall bathroom cabinets to help complete your design goals. Some of the most popular types are:

  • Tall and thin – these freestanding cabinets often make your bathroom feel slightly larger and can fit various items inside
  • Tall and wide – if you have the space, take advantage of it with a wider tall cabinet to fit more things you need.
  • Tall with glass front – a glass front tall cabinet helps you see what you need and has an elegant appearance.

Any of these freestanding tall bathroom cabinet options could complete your space. Give them some thought and you will arrive at the best ones for your personality.

Tall Bathroom Cabinets With Drawers Help With Organization

It can be great to have bathroom cabinets with drawers you pull out for better organization. Having this option will help you fit everything you need into your tall bathroom cabinet set.

One point to keep in mind is that the drawers in your cabinet should only be on the lower level. If drawers are too high on your tall bathroom cabinet, you won’t be able to see into it when you want to find something.

There is also the hardware for your drawers that you must plan. Some of the most beautiful hardware options for tall cabinets with drawers are:

  • Straight pull – these drawer pulls will be easy to grip and can make you bathroom seem wider. 
  • Midvale pull – this type has a rectangular base that tapers in and widens at the grip with no hole to put your finger through.
  • Edgecliff pull – this kind has a rectangular prism attachment to the cabinet face that takes a 90 degree angle and makes a classic look.
  • Dish knob – this type has a round dish at the tip and a sturdy base.
  • Fairview crystal knob – this type has a rounded base and a metallic crystal ball to grab.

Tall Bathroom Cabinets Use Space Efficiently

Your bathroom is most likely a rather small space, so maximizing what you do with it is critical to your happiness. A tall bathroom cabinet takes advantage of the space near your ceiling that can hold items you need in the commode.

While you might not have too many extra storage areas in your bathroom, you can make a shelf or two in the top of your cabinets. You may need a stool to reach up there, but you can only keep items you need on occasion, such as:

  • Beach towels – you might only need these items in the summer months, so you could keep them up on the top shelf without too much inconvenience.
  • Snow clothing – during the summer, you could have your snow clothes up on the top shelf.
  • Guest supplies – for the times you have visitors, you could keep items they need on the top shelf of your tall bathroom cabinet.

If you make a wider cabinet instead of a taller cabinet to add more space, you can start to feel like it looks bulky in the bathroom. Choosing a tall bathroom cabinet helps you feel more comfortable in your home for many years of satisfied living.

Many Styles To Fit Your Personality

A tall bathroom can look amazing in various styles that will fit in with the rest of your interior design. For the doors of your tall bathroom cabinets, you can choose from several options that could make your bathroom look better, such as:

  • Shaker – these doors have a frame around an inset panel. This looks great in almost any style or color you can choose.
  • Flat panel – these doors are made of a solid wood panel. They look great for a minimalist or modern bathroom design.
  • Louvered – these doors have slats in them that actually let the inside of your cabinet breath. This is a good look for a rustic bathroom, or Scandinavian.
  • Beadboard – these doors have vertical grooves on their face that adds some texture. This is a Nordic look, but looks great in contemporary spaces also.

The most noticeable part of a tall bathroom cabinet are the doors, but there are other style features to consider, including:

  • Framed cabinets – the doors on framed cabinets sit with a frame around them for support. This is the traditional cabinet in the USA.
  • Frameless cabinets – the doors on frameless cabinets come to the edge of the box, so you don’t see the box very much with the door closed. This is the traditional European cabinet.
  • Concealed hinges – these hinges go on the inside of the door so you don’t see them from the outside. You can also opt for soft closing hinges.
  • Visible hinges – these hinges can be seen from outside the cabinet, and are used to show off some beautiful metal work.

Tall Cabinets Can Make Your Bathroom Feel Brighter

A tall cabinet that doesn’t stick too far out into the room lets more light pass around it. This is advantageous in a small bathroom that could feel cramped if it is too full of wide cabinets.

You can also get more natural light through your windows with tall bathroom cabinets. A perfect choice for those who love having lots of light in the bathroom.

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