Bayram Gulsen

Bayram Gulsen started in the cabinet business as a salesperson, helping people choose the right cabinets for their needs. His experience in the field helped him/her fully appreciate the joy of completing beautiful projects for them. He decided to start his own kitchen cabinetry business because he wanted to bring his practical yet creative approach to kitchen design to benefit his clients.


[Name] started his/her career in cabinet retail as an interior designer, and over a decade gained the respect of his/her colleagues. He/She started working for Cabinets City as a design consultant two years ago, and helped clients choose the right kitchen cabinets for their existing kitchen, or as part of a remodeling design.


[Name] brought over 15 years of field experience in kitchen design to Cabinets City. However, [his/her] real talent is the ability to listen effectively to clients, helping them visualize the kitchen cabinets they need for their unique circumstances. This is an essential skill when integrating new elements in existing designs.

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